GLO Solo Teeth Whitening G-Vials

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Keep your teeth white all year long.

A set of 10 refill GLO™ Whitening Gels in the patent-pending G-Vial delivery applicator includes the highest and safest percentage of hydrogen peroxide gel, with the purest, most potent formulation.

Each G-Vial contains enough gel for up to four applications and is exclusively for use with the GLO Brilliant Control and Mouthpiece.

The GLO Whitening Gel has a fresh mint flavor. The formulation is alcohol-free and does not contain carbamide peroxide—the two leading causes of sensitivity. This product is a refill for use with the award winning GLO Brilliant® Personal Teeth Whitening Device.

No strips. No trays. No sensitivity
One minute a day

GLO Solo and flash a whiter smile in 2 weeks!

Simply add GLO Solo to your normal oral care routine by applying a thin layer of gel to fronts of teeth 2x a day after brushing and flossing. Each day you GLO, your smile will get brighter and whiter.

2 weeks too long to wait?

From the dentists' office to your home, the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device features Edison Award winning technology. Invented by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, GLO gives you 5x whiter teeth in 5 days with no sensitivity.

Smiles just got smart.

2014 GOLD Thomas Edison award winner -
GLO Solo Teeth Whitening G-Vials

Named after pioneering inventor Thomas Alva Edison, the Edison Awards recognize and honor some of the most innovative products, services and business leaders in the world.


Whitens your smile 3 shades in 2 weeks with no sensitivity!

No Strips. No Trays. No messy gels.

These Solo G-Vials stay put so you don't have to, effortlessly whitening your smile, giving you a more brilliant sparkles to your smile and to you.

GLO Solo features a patented delivery system that is hermetically sealed and specially formulated for a fast application with proven results.

Just twist to open, squeeze on the gel, and carry on with your day!

GLO easy, step by step


  • 1. Apply GLO Lip Care:

Apply a thin layer to lips (inside and out) before each application. If you are extra sensitive, also apply to the gum area.

  • 2. Twist to open G-Vial and apply gel

Open the G-Vial by holding the base firmly while gently twisting and pulling the cap. Apply whitening gel by squeezing formula onto brush tip and applying a thin layer on the top and bottom teeth, fronts only.

  • 3. Go about your day!

Apply once in the morning and once in the evening after brushing and flossing. Repeat everyday for 14 days. For best results, don’t eat, drink, or kiss for 15 minutes after application so the gel has time to evaporate.


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