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6 Smile Resolutions for the New Year

January 07 2020

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all smiled more? Well the great news is that smiling is contagious. Yes, it’s true – just give it a try and you’ll see. And that means that your one smile can truly change the world!

But how do we smile more when sometimes it seems like there isn’t all that much to smile about?

Here are 6 easy tips to make sure that you not only share your own smile every day, but that you spark joy in others to smile right along with you.

1) Smile at a stranger 🙂

Chances are, they will smile back and both of your days will be a little brighter

2) Make someone else smile 🌼

Lend a helping hand, share a compliment, or tell a joke

3) Do something nice for yourself 🎁

Self-care is important, treat yourself

4) Reach out 💌

Contact someone you haven't spoken to in a while - a simple "Hi, I've been thinking about you" text is a great start

5) Give thanks 🙏

Recognize at least one gift in your life every day and say "thank you"

6) GLO bright

Make sure those pearly whites are GLOing bright so your smile never has to hesitate to shine

At GLO, we are committed to creating even more GLOing smiles in 2020 and making the world just a bit brighter, kinder, and happier. Together, let’s start a #smilerevolution. Join us!