9 Ways The GLO Whitening App Helps You Get Your Brightest Smile

9 Ways The GLO Whitening App Helps You Get Your Brightest Smile

It’s no secret that most of us rely on our smartphones and tablets for daily tasks: getting directions, texting our besties, finding a great restaurant for dinner, checking our social feeds.  But did you know your smartphone can also help you get a whiter, brighter smile in just minutes a day with the GLO Whitening App and your GLO Lit Teeth Whitening Device?

Here, nine ways that downloading the GLO Whitening App will make your whitening experience even better, and help you get your smile lit

  1. Connect wirelessly. With the GLO Whitening App, you can connect wirelessly to control your GLO Lit teeth whitening device via your smartphone or tablet with just the touch of a button. Fast, quick, and easy.
  2. Schedule treatments. With the GLO Whitening App, you can customize your treatment plan to fit into your lifestyle and needs, and schedule your treatments in advance to suit your schedule.
  3. Preview your results. Want to know what your smile will look like one, three, or even five shades whiter? Preview your whitening results with the App to get an idea of just how white your smile can get. And then get GLOing!
  4. Get reminders. The GLO Whitening App keeps track of your whitening program; sending reminders for your next scheduled treatment and helping you keep your whitening goals on target.
  5. Track progress. Teeth whitening results can be hard to gauge, but not with the App! With every treatment, use the GLO Whitening App to document your progress so you can easily monitor just how bright your smile is becoming!
  6. Your personal whitening assistant. The App will help you pick the right whitening treatment plan for you, as well as let you create your own personalized protocol.  
  7. Counts you down. The GLO Whitening App has a countdown timer that monitors your pre-timed treatment sessions so you don’t have to. Just apply the gel, pop in the mouthpiece, tap to get started, and go about your business. The App lets you know exactly how much time you have left in your pre-timed application session and then it will shut off the mouthpiece when your application is complete.
  8. Monitors battery power. No one likes running out of battery unexpectedly, and the App will ensure that never happens. The GLO Whitening App is constantly monitoring power levels, and will also let you know exactly how many whitening applications you have left on your current charge.
  9. Tips and tutorials. Unsure of how to get started? Lost your user guide? Relax, with the GLO Whitening App, help is a quick tap away with tutorials and tips on getting the most out of your GLO Lit teeth whitening device.
  10. Bonus! The App fits your on-the-go lifestyle. The GLO Whitening App downloads in minutes and is available for free in the App Store and Google Play right now!

GLO Lit and the GLO Whitening App make it easy and fast to connect to a brighter, whiter smile in just minutes a day.  Download now and see how bright your smile can be with the GLO Whitening App!

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