Types Of Teeth Stains

Types Of Teeth Stains

Tobacco Brown Teeth Spot Stains / Intrinsic / Extrinsic

White teeth are all the rage, and it's not hard to see why. Seeing someone with a white, dazzling smile instantly makes others feel good. They also seem to beam with confidence and shine with friendliness and sincerity.

One of the biggest reasons most people don't have confidence in their smile is because of teeth discoloration or staining - but practically anyone can get a brighter smile if they find the right products. Understanding the different types of teeth stains and how to remove them will ensure your smile is as brilliant as it possibly can be.

Reviewing Types of Teeth Stains

Tooth discoloration can be caused by stains on the surface of your teeth or because of changes in your tooth material - or both. In general, there are three different categories that tooth discoloration can fall into, including the following:

  • Extrinsic Teeth Stains

    If you have extrinsic teeth stains, these occur when stain particles build up on the protein film that covers your tooth enamel. More often than not, they are caused by the foods and beverages you drink or by using tobacco. Extrinsic teeth stains are surface stains and typically respond well to regular dental cleanings and daily brushings.

  • Intrinsic Teeth Stains

    When it comes to these types of tooth stains, they occur below the surface of your teeth. If the particles that cause staining work their way through the protein film and gather on your enamel, then you may find that you have brown stains on your teeth. Like extrinsic teeth stains, intrinsic stains can also be caused by the foods and beverages you consume and whether or not you use tobacco products.

    It's has also been found that using too much fluoride can also cause intrinsic teeth stains. Certain medications may also contribute to this type of staining on your teeth as well. If you are wondering how to remove deep stains from teeth, you need to find the right at-home whitening products or work with a professional to have them whitened .

  • Age-Related Teeth Stains

    As you get older, the core of your teeth (called dentin) yellows over time. When this occurs, it will cause your teeth to lose their dazzling white color and look stained or brown. Again, the foods and beverages you consume will also contribute to this discoloration. Coffee stains teeth, and the longer you expose your mouth to this beverage and other foods or tobacco, the more discolored your teeth will become.

Other Factors that Stain Teeth

Food, beverages and tobacco are the main culprits when it comes to items that discolor your teeth, but they aren't the only things that contribute to staining. Other factors that may leave your teeth less than white include the following:

  • Poor Oral Care

    If you don't brush and floss regularly, or have your teeth checked by a dental professional, this could lead to staining and discoloration.

  • Disease or Trauma

    As a child, if you were exposed to any illness, disease or trauma that impacted your enamel development, this could result in discolored or stained teeth. There are also diseases and treatments that you may experience as an adult that could also stain or discolor your teeth. Radiation and chemotherapy are the most common, but treatments for high blood pressure, allergies or mental health issues could stain your teeth as well.

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How to Get Rid of Stains on Teeth

There are many different factors that impact the whiteness of your teeth and may leave you feeling less than confident in your smile. However, finding the right treatment may be all that you need to make your teeth white and dazzling.

At GLO Science, we offer a variety of different whitening options to ensure you get a bright, healthy smile. Here are the options you should consider trying:

  • Whitening Devices

    Depending on the type of stains you're trying to whiten, you may need to use teeth whitening devices. The GLO Brilliant device uses our patented gentle warming heat and light technology to get your teeth as bright as possible.

    You have the option of using this device three times a day to see results in seven days, or you can use it four times a day to potentially get your teeth five shades whiter in as few as five days. Treatments are only eight minutes long per application, so you don't have to spend a lot of time wearing this device, but the results will be noticeable!

  • Whitening Gels

    Should you be looking for a way to get rid of extrinsic teeth stains, then the whitening pen or GLO Vials may be exactly what you need. Both products contain a gel that sticks to your teeth and won't irritate your gums. They can also be used on the go, so no matter where you're at, you can whiten your teeth to boost your confidence and look good.

  • Professional Whitening Services

    Should you find that your teeth stains are incredibly stubborn and don't respond to other whitening treatments, then talking to a professional is in your best interest. Working with a professional could be just what you need to get rid of intrinsic and age-related stains to make your teeth up to 12 shades whiter in just one sitting.

A Smile You Can be Proud Of

Having a bright, white smile can contribute to your self-confidence and make you seem more inviting and friendly. With the different products we offer at GLO Science, you're sure to find one that will take care of extrinsic, intrinsic and age-related stains that might be discoloring your teeth. Search our website for the right product today!


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