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Is Bad Breath Killing Your Dating Vibe? Get Kissably Fresh Breath in No Time With These 8 Foods

August 10 2017

Bad breath is one of the most common confidence busters out there, especially when it comes to romance. On a first date, how you carry yourself is everything, and a few whiffs of bad breath can really take the spark out of the night. People who suffer from bad breath may also be less inclined to share an intimate moment with their date, for fear of scaring the person away with their putrid breath as they lean in.

Curing your stinky breath may be simpler than you think. Fear kissing no more with these foods that have been shown to freshen breath (and improve confidence) instantly. 

Apples- Apples act as natural toothbrushes, increasing saliva production while cleansing the mouth (and they taste great)!

Yogurt- The live bacterial cultures in yogurt are believed to reduce the odorous compounds found in bad breath, as well as fight plaque and gingivitis.

Vitamin C- Fruits rich in Vitamin C like oranges, grapefruit, and melons limit the amount of bad breath-causing bacteria that are able to grow in your mouth.

Spices – Eliminate odor by cooking with cinnamon, coriander, or cardamom. These spices are all known to mask oral odors and freshen breath instantaneously.

Parsley- Parsley contains chlorophyll which helps to neutralize the odors produced by bacteria in the mouth. Chewing on a spring of parsley is a subtle way to beat bad breath on the go.

Greens- Green, leafy vegetables keep your oral pH on the alkaline side. An alkaline pH keeps bacterial levels in check and prevents the mouth from drying out—a major cause of bad breath!

Green tea- Green tea has anti-bacterial properties and can reduce the stinky bacterial byproducts responsible for mouth odor. 

Water- Drinking plenty of water throughout the day removes excess particles of food from your mouth which may be causing odor, and stimulates saliva production, which fights against bad bacteria and keeps your mouth healthy and clean.