Next gen teeth whitening tech is here - Introducing GLO Lit!

Next gen teeth whitening tech is here - Introducing GLO Lit!

Here at GLO Science, we are obsessed with giving you your brightest, whitest smile. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our newest obsession: GLO Lit! A smarter, sleeker version of our groundbreaking original teeth whitening device, GLO Lit has everything you love about our pioneering teeth whitening system, and so much more!

With GLO Lit, you get the same one-of-a-kind patented GLO warming heat and LED light accelerating technology for faster results without sensitivity; same hands-free application; same dripless teeth whitening gel GLO Vials; and same quick, pre-timed 8-minute whitening applications.

And then we added all these extras! New price—only $149; Bluetooth-enabled connectivity that fits your #connected lifestyle and puts you in control; charges in just one quick hour (instead of four) using any USB port—no plug needed, and best of all? GLO Lit is the first and only teeth whitening system powered by Smileware Technology which lets you optimize your whitening with just the tap of a button on your smartphone or device via the GLO Whitening App.

Simply download the App and connect to customize, preview, and schedule treatments, track your progress, get reminders, monitor battery power, view your countdown timer, and so much more! Plus, with GLO Lit—multitasking while whitening is a breeze thanks to two ways to go hands-free: a garment clip and a lanyard mean you aren’t tethered to one activity while whitening.

And as always, GLO Lit believes that one good smile deserves another. 10% of all profits from GLO Lit are donated to the GLO Good Foundation to provide free dental care and healthy smiles to at-need communities around the globe.

Easy, sensitivity-free, lit whitening results? Check.
Quick, connected treatments via the GLO Whitening App? Check.
Supports GLO-ing smiles all over the globe? Check.

So what are you waiting for? Get connected to a whiter, brighter, happier smile in just minutes with GLO Lit—the next generation teeth whitening system for truly #lit results.


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