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Pucker Up This Valentine's Day: It's Good For Your Oral Health :)

February 14 2016

Lovers, rejoice! Kissing not only stimulates feel-good hormones, but it also promotes good oral health too! Below, we outline four reasons to pucker up on Valentine’s Day and all year-round:

It helps prevent dry mouth
Not surprisingly, kissing helps stimulate saliva production. Saliva helps wash away acids and leftover particles from the foods that you eat to prevent tooth decay. It also helps aid in digestion, keeps your breath fresh, and keeps bacteria at bay.

It will help prevent you from getting sick
Passionate kisses are beneficial to your health; the natural exchange of saliva involved with kissing will help boost your immunity to viruses and bacteria. This is because saliva contains bacteria, 80% of which are common to everyone and 20% of which are unique to you. Every time you kiss someone new, the transfer of saliva exposes yourself to new bacteria, allowing you to acquire immunity to a wider range of strains. In fact, a ten-second long kiss can transfer as many as 80 million bacteria. In a way, it’s like nature’s natural vaccination.

It aids in preventing tooth decay and cavities
Tooth decay occurs when your enamel, the translucent outer covering of your tooth made up of calcified minerals, becomes softened and destroyed to its underlying layer, the dentin. Since it is composed of minerals, any act that causes demineralization, such as consuming foods that have an acidic effect on the body or dry mouth, will break down this enamel, leading to dentrimental consequences. Kissing, on the other hand, has the opposite effect as it helps to rebuild your enamel.

It keeps you looking younger
Kissing doesn’t just benefit your mouth; it helps to strengthens and exercises your jaw muscles as well. The act of smooching involves thirty facial muscles, according to Reader’s Digest – working these muscles can keep you looking young and revitalized. So while you may feel young at heart when you’re in the middle of a kissing session, just know that you are also keeping yourself looking more youthful.

Next time you share a passionate kiss with your loved one, just remember- it’s not only an act of love, it helps to provide a good bill of health with its numerous benefits. So pucker up, do some good for your oral health and show your loved ones how you really feel!