Reflections on GLO Good's 5th Mission to Eleuthera

Reflections on GLO Good's 5th Mission to Eleuthera

The messages below were shared by GLO Science and GLO Good Foundation co-founders, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine and Stacey Levine, upon the completion of the Foundation’s 5th GLO Good Mission to Eleuthera, Bahamas. The mission included over 100 medical and dental professionals who spent seven days serving over 1200 people who would not otherwise have access to dental care on the island of Eleuthera. GLO Science is proud to support this essential work by contributing a portion of profits to the GLO Good Foundation.

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine with patient in Eleuthera, Bahamas
To everyone who participated in our 5th GLO Good Mission,

I am thinking of the one word that describes the 7 days in the clinic and that word is INSPIRED.

This word, to be in-spirit, to be living in line with your spirit (Wayne Dyer), describes this mission well. “To be of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse, to be lifted up, and to go to a higher place.”

Every day, I found myself holding back tears as I observed the commitment of our team, the smiles on all of our faces as we worked and the smiles on the patients after treatment. For many of them, there were tears of joy as we took away their pain and replaced it with love and healthy, new smiles.

How does this happen? We work such long days, in the heat of the Bahamas, with equipment that is so challenging, all in one big room together, at least 55 people per day inside and outside the clinic. Outside registration, medical triage, working with the children and the parents, as important as the dentistry happening inside the building. Our work is a labor of love that transcends the sweat and the tears of our emotions.

We are all united as the SMILE-MAKERS.

We started each day early to set up, many never taking lunch, working into the evening as we kept moving dinner later and later so we could treat just one more patient. That is serious dedication.

I want you all to know, I had no idea that this 5th mission would have such a profound effect on me. You have all inspired me to a higher ground and I feel so proud of our chosen profession.

We have this wonderful opportunity to help influence other people and to help other professionals “get up, get up” to the next level and embrace what our profession is all about. After speaking with so many of you, I realized what I was feeling was a collective emotion, to be truly inspired and to feel so much sense of purpose together.

Let’s keep this amazing momentum going and this special feeling inside. Have an amazing holiday and a New Year filled with health, happiness, and more healthy, beautiful smiles for everyone.

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine

Stacey Levine with patients in Eleuthera, Bahamas
My heart is full. I have received videos, phone calls, emails and text messages, and been brought to tears more than I could have imagined, as I realize the impact this mission has had on each and every one of us and on each of the people we served. The people of Eleuthera have a very special place in all of our hearts.

Take a deep breath and feel the rewards, love and gratitude. Take in what you experienced and the work you just did.

Listen to your heart, follow your dreams, Give back to others and do more of what fills you up. GLO for Good and Let Love Rule. 😊

You have provided hope and restored confidence. Given smiles to those that thought they no longer existed. You have changed lives, made them better, healthier and happier. Physically and emotionally.

Close your eyes and see the beauty and the magic that was created, where we all have become one. See the new friendships that you have created.

Hear the sound of the ocean. The voices of the people. The music in the clinic. That's the joy that was created and what we manifested together.

Feel the people, their vulnerability and some of the fear. You turned that into hope, promise, and belief--making their experience magical and special.

Hold on.
Grab someone else's hand and take them on this journey. Share what you just did and how it impacted you. Keep it fresh. Let's see the world be a better place because of it!

Close your eyes, see the smiles, feel the laughter, feel it in your heart. Take these smiles and laughter with you everywhere. Together we will make this world a better place.

Let’s build this foundation together, and do it again and again, here, there and elsewhere!

Thank you for being you and being part of this magical ride.


Thank you notes from the people of Eleuthera

GLO Good Dental Clinic in Eleuthera, Bahamas

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