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Make Yourself and Others Happy by Smiling – GLO Science


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Spark Joy with Your Smile

September 07 2020

Man and woman hugging in front of a house while the man holds a GLO Lit teeth whitening system box behind his back.

If you're like most people, you probably don't think much about your smile. In fact, you might be a little self-conscious about smiling. Perhaps you feel like your teeth aren't as white as they should be, so you try to hide them. There are many reasons why you should smile more often. It's possible to spark joy with your smile.

Reasons Why You Should Smile More Often

Not only does smiling benefit those around you, but it also has a positive impact on you. Here are the reasons why you really should consider smiling more often:

Smiling Can Make Others Happy

It has been shown that when you smile, it releases endorphins in your brain. These are chemicals that make you feel good. So, if you are having a bad day, one way to turn it around is to put a smile on your lips. It may start out as a conscious choice to smile, but that will signal to your brain that things aren't as bad as they seem. Soon, you will be feeling good and the smile will become genuine.

Not only does smiling release chemicals in your brain, but it has the same effect on other people. When on a video call with friends, family members or coworkers, smiling at them will also tell their brains to release endorphins. If they are having a bad day, this may be all they need to make them feel better.

Smiling is also contagious. When you smile at someone, they will almost always smile back. The more people you smile at, the more smiles you will create. This boosts everyone's mood and makes them more pleasant and fun to be around.

Smiling Can Make You Appear More Attractive

When you smile, you engage a wide range of muscles in your face and neck. By smiling often, this can help you look younger. If nothing else, it will certainly make you look happier, and this is a trait that many people find attractive.

Smiling Makes People Trust You

When you smile at other people, this signals to them that you are trustworthy. It can make you more approachable and likeable. People might also think that you are more competent and professional. This can be beneficial at work. By flashing a smile to your coworkers or clients, you can instill confidence and trust that you'll be able to get the job done.

In addition, your smile can make you appear courteous and likable. Smiling at others means you don't mind being approached. Again, this is beneficial in a work environment, but it can also be helpful in social situations.

How to Spark Joy with Your Smile

Now that you know how beneficial smiling can be, you need to do it more often. You don't need to worry about your teeth and keep them hidden from the world. By taking the time to use the best product for teeth whitening at home, you can boost your confidence and make your smile dazzling.

GLO Vials

There are a wide range of teeth whitening products available, but if you're looking for effective and safe home teeth whitening ingredients, you should look into what GLO Science has to offer. Our GLO Vials contain a gel that sticks to your teeth to get them as white as possible.

You won't have to worry about messy strips or hard-to-use trays. It only takes seconds to brush on the gel, and it even has a minty fresh flavor that makes your mouth feel good. When it comes to getting the best results from the GLO Vials, you'll want to apply them three times per day and use as needed for touch-ups. In as few as five to ten days, you'll notice whiter teeth that you'll want to show off to the world.

Smiling young man looking in a mirror while he applies a GLO Vial.

GLO Teeth Whitening Device

Using a GLO Teeth Whitening Device is the best way to get your smile as brilliant as possible. This device is patented and uses both heat and light to accelerate the whitening process. You only use this for eight minutes per application, and it can go anywhere you go.

You also have the option of doing teeth whitening on your schedule. If you want the process to go as fast as possible, you will use this device four times a day for five days. Should you have more time on your hands, then you also have the option of using this three times a day for seven days.

Getting your teeth as white as possible should be convenient and easy - and at GLO Science, we have the products to help you achieve your whitening goals. We offer both the GLO Lit and the GLO Brilliant to make the process as convenient and easy as possible.

Change Your Smile and Change the World

You may not have considered that your smile has the power to spark joy, but it can. It also says a lot about your personality and approachability. Don't let stains or less-than-white teeth hold you back.

At GLO Science, we know how important it is for your teeth to be as white as possible. We want you to smile often, and our products will whiten your teeth so that your smile has the chance to change the world. Find the products that will work for you!