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The Importance of Human Mouth Bacteria – GLO Science


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Understanding the Oral Microbiome

May 17 2021

You are probably already aware that your body is a complex collection of many different systems. When they are working correctly, you find yourself in good health. If one thing gets out of whack, this can lead to a host of problems, including illness.

Every system in your body is part of the collective whole, but they are also considered to be their own entities. Take your mouth, for example. You need it to be able to eat and speak, but unlike your lungs or heart, it is home to bacteria. This may sound distressing, but oral bacteria are necessary when it comes to the digestion process.

However, if mouth bacteria get out of hand, this can lead to issues. Keeping them in balance is crucial to good oral health as well as overall health.

What Is a Microbiome?

Think of your mouth as an ecosystem. Let's take this one step back and start with this: what is an ecosystem? It's a community of biological entities that interact with other organisms and their environment. The bacteria of the mouth are one of the biological entities that exist there, and they interact with your teeth, tongue, saliva, food and anything else that comes into their ecosystem (i.e., your mouth).

But what is a microbiome and how are they related? This term refers to micro-organisms that are existing together in a specific habitat. It would specifically apply to the various types of human mouth bacteria that live in your body. You may be shocked to learn that you may have hundreds of different types of oral organisms living in your mouth. Some of them are good while others are bad.

Keeping the Balance

When it comes to any ecosystem, whether in the ocean, desert, mountains or in your mouth, keeping balance is essential. There needs to be an order to all living environments. This could include making sure there are enough plants to feed prey animals so that the predators have enough food. The tiniest change can have a huge impact on the ecosystem and cause imbalance.

A drought or pollution are good examples of detrimental impacts. If either of these kills the plants within the ecosystem, this will impact the prey animals - either killing them or forcing them to move to another area - which in turn impacts predators, again either forcing them to move to a new area or resulting in their death.

The same scenario happens in your mouth. If the balance in an ecosystem is disrupted, it impacts the entire system. Ways that this can occur in your mouth is by not taking care of your teeth with regular cleanings and dental visits or by consuming unhealthy foods and beverages.

When the balance of the ecosystem in your mouth is out of whack, this is when you become more susceptible to gum disease and cavities. The bad bacteria feed on sugars and starches that you eat. The more of these you put into your body, the more fuel you are giving to the bacteria that can cause damage.

In addition to gum disease and cavities, you might also experience bad breath and discolored teeth. Any of these issues can make you self-conscious about your smile, and it can impact your overall health.

Restoring Good Bacteria in Your Mouth

Thankfully, there are ways to restore the good bacteria in your mouth. One of the tasks you can do at home includes brushing regularly and using the ECO Balance Oral Health Care Booster with Hydrogen Peroxide. Using this product raises your oral pH and helps restore your oral microbiome to a healthy balance. Simply add it to your toothpaste for an easy way to clean your mouth and ensure that healthy oral bacteria are the dominant species. 

Not only can a toothpaste topper help, but regular teeth whitening is beneficial as well. Both the GLO Lit device and the GLO Brilliant device use patented heat and light technology to whiten your teeth up to five shades brighter - and you can see the results in as few as five to seven days. There are many types of bad bacteria that can't survive heat and light, so every treatment is restoring good bacteria in your mouth.

You might also decide to use GLO Vials to whiten your teeth, and these can ensure that your oral microbiome is in balance as well. The gel is formulated to stay on your teeth where it is needed to make them as white as possible, and it also contains hydrogen peroxide, which can destroy harmful bacteria. You don't have to worry about dealing with trays or strips, and you can use these vials while on the go.

Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

Your mouth is full of oral organisms and is considered to be a microbiome, but it is also connected to the rest of your body. If the oral ecosystem becomes imbalanced and bad bacteria take over, this can also impact the rest of your health. It has been found that poor oral health can impact your heart and lungs, and even your brain, among other systems.

If you thought that teeth whitening was only for cosmetic purposes, it's time to rethink the process. Using the best teeth whitening product or adding a topper to your toothpaste restores the balance in your mouth. This can make you feel more confident and improve your health.

At GLO Science, we have always considered your health and wellbeing. Having white teeth is a sign of good oral health and high self-esteem. Do something good for yourself. Browse our products and find the right solutions to help improve your oral health today!