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GLO POP 3 Day Teeth Whitening Treatment


Simple, Smart & Chic

3-Day Pack of POP G-Vials

Whiter, brighter smile each day.
Instantly erases stains, freshens breath.
No strips, no trays, no mess, no sensitivity.


Just brush on and GLO!


How It Works:

Just brush on and GLO. Foaming action instantly penetrates teeth and dissolves within minutes. No need to rinse and safe to swallow.

How to Use:

Use one vial, 3x a day:
Twist off cap and squeeze G-Vial.
Paint gel on top and bottom front teeth.
Place cap back on and use the same G-vial 2 more times that day.
Use a new G-vial each day, for 2 more days.

What’s included: (3) Mint Flavored G-Vials

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