Meet the Founders

  • Meet the Founders

    Meet the Founders

    Dr. Jonathan B. Levine and Stacey Levine are business partners, visionary entrepreneurs, and dedicated philanthropists on a mission to make more people smile.

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  • Dr. Jonathan B. Levine

    Dr. Jonathan B. Levine

    Dr. Levine is a celebrated oral health expert, aesthetic dentist specializing in prosthodontics, NYU professor, noted author, and visionary inventor holding 18 patents and 8 patents pending. He has applied his 30+ years of clinical practice expertise to developing groundbreaking innovations in the field of dentistry. He lectures internationally and is frequently tapped by media channels to educate audiences on a wide range of topics related to oral health and the oral-systemic connection.

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  • Stacey Levine

    Stacey Levine

    Stacey Levine is a creative branding expert with a unique expertise in marketing and design. She is a serial entrepreneur who builds successful retail and prestige beauty brands and pioneered the creation of the oral health category in the prestige beauty channel. A committed philanthropist who is dedicated to empowering people with beautiful and healthy smiles, Stacey is passionate about giving back.

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    • GLO™ Science products are the result of years of scientific study and experimentation. And we're not done making our products the best they can possibly be—so your smile is the best it can be, too.
      • Dr. Levine’s world-renowned aesthetic dental practice on 5th Ave in New York City is where GLO Science innovation is born

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      • Clinical Study 1: GLO Brilliant vs. Zoom clinical study of efficacy.

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      • GLO Brilliant efficacy - 5 shades in 5 days.

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      • No sensitivity with GLO! GLO Brilliant vs. Crest Whitestrips sensitivity study.

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    • Our groundbreaking teeth-whitening system delivers professional, long-lasting results at home.
      • A Flashlight for Pearly Whites - GQ Magazine – September 2012.

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      • Dr. Levine on The Dr. Oz Show

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      • You’re Anti-aging Guide - Marie Claire - October 2012

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    • Dr. Jonathan B. Levine's aesthetic dental practice continues to be widely regarded as the most innovative in the country with almost 30 years of expertise.
      • Creation 1st concept of in-mouth whitening

        Dr. Levine creates the first concept of light and hear in a mouthpiece to go inside the mouth.

      • 1st Prototype Created at Dr. Levine's private practice

        The device showed immediate benefits – quick, efficient, and no sensitivity!

      • GLO Brilliant Development

        Developed and tested a safe, effective and convenient at-home teeth whitening device.

      • Launch HSN
        February 2011

        GLO Brilliant was launched on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

      • Patent Granted Mouthpiece
        April 2011

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science “mouthpiece”

      • Sephora LaunchPatent Granted GLO Brilliant
        May 2011

        GLO Brilliant was launched at Sephora in the US, Canada and

      • Patent Granted Intra-Oral Whitening Device
        October 2011

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science “intra-oral whitening device”

      • 2012 Edison Award GLO Brilliant
        April 2012

        The GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device earns the Silver Edison award for innovation

      • Patent Granted Oral Treatment
        July 2012

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science "Methods for Effecting Oral Treatment of Teeth or Gums"

      • Patent granted G-Vial delivery without Shards
        September 2012

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science "G-Vial delivery without Shards"

      • Patent granted Mouthpiece
        September 2012

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science "Mouthpiece - adjusts to arch size - oxygen seals"

      • Patent granted Oral Treatment
        February 2013

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science "Methods for affecting oral treatment"

      • Patent Granted Vial for Delivery
        March 2013

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science "Vial for delivering contents"

      • New website launch
        March 2013

        GLO Sciences relaunched online at

      • Patent Granted Applicator
        April 2013

        Patent granted for GLO™ Science "Applicator"

      • Sephora Launch Everyday GLO
        April 2013

        Everyday GLO Teeth Whitening Maintenance wins the GOLD 2013 Thomas Edison Award for innovation

      • PCH Signed MSA
        June 2013

        Master Service Agreement between GLO Science and PCH International is signed.

      • GLO Solo Product Launch @ Sephora
        June 2013

        GLO Solo launches at Sephora stores nationwide and on