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GLO Lit Teeth Whitening Collection - GLO Science


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Discover a brighter smile when you use the GLO Lit Teeth Whitening Tech Kit. With GLO Lit, you get a hands-free, fast-acting whitening system that you can use in the comfort of your own home. Powered by Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.), the device uses gentle warming heat on a dripless hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to deliver remarkable teeth whitening without sensitivity. You’ll be eager to show off your pearly whites after just a few sessions with GLO Lit. Learn more about this unique teeth whitener system featuring Bluetooth connectivity.

The Best Teeth Whitening System

A number of other at-home teeth whitening products simply don’t live up to the hype. Instead of opting for uncomfortable trays, messy strips or gimmicky lights, choose the GLO Lit device to get the results you want with less hassle. The teeth whitener kit comes with everything you need to get brighter, whiter teeth. After brushing on the dripless gel, you’ll wear the comfortable GLO Lit mouthpiece for just eight minutes per application.

During that time, the safe LED light and gentle warming heat work together to produce clinically proven whitening results. This hands-free device allows you to multitask while it works, and it even shuts off automatically after the pre-timed session so you won’t have to watch the clock. You can also buy an extra package of patented GLO Vials filled with our whitening gel formula to use with or without the device.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Besides the innovative design, another feature that makes GLO Lit a top teeth whitening device is its Bluetooth-enabled Smileware™ Technology. Using wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the device can be linked with the GLO Whitening App on your phone or tablet. Just download and connect to get reminders, schedule treatments, track your results and more. It’s like having your own personal Bluetooth teeth whitening assistant guiding you every step of the way. Order your GLO Lit Teeth Whitening Tech Kit to discover a safe, effective and easy way to brighten your smile.