Smiles Change Lives

More than just a radiant smile, it’s a life-changing path of wellness, confidence, and success.

Meet the Dentist Behind Glo Science

Dr. Jonathan B Levine is a world-renowned dentist and oral health expert, professor, inventor,
and philanthropist. His vision was to engineer professional-grade oral care solutions
accessible to all, whether in the comfort of their homes or through professional dental care.

He revolutionized dental science with the creation of G.L.O. (Guided Light Optics) technology,
combining gentle heat and light to amplify whitening. His in-office and at-home treatments
have transformed millions of smiles, including thousands of celebrity smiles.

Our Vision

A smile is the gateway to feeling confident, relaxed, and ready to take on the world.

Our goal is to prioritize oral care and infuse it into your daily self-care
rituals, transforming how you feel about your smile and making dental visits a
pleasant experience.

Our Science

Your Smile - We take care of it

With 23 patents (and counting), we take care of the science so you can relax, feel confident, and shine from the inside out. Our team of experts is constantly innovating comfortable teeth whitening experiences that empower you to achieve the healthy, glowing smile you deserve, all without any discomfort.

How GLO Science Works

You deserve a radiant smile that you can confidently share without the discomfort of sensitivity. That’s why we use gentle heat and light technology paired with a safe hydrogen peroxide formula. Together, they deliver outstanding results that are kind to your teeth and gums.