Best Apps for Teeth Whitening


Best Apps for Teeth Whitening

Our Take on the Best Apps for Teeth Whitening

 It’s never been easier to take a great photo. Even when your clothes are wrinkled, your hair is out of place, or you’re just not feeling totally gorgeous, there’s an app for that! No matter how your photos come out, there’s usually a fix to make them better, brighter and more beautiful… and the same goes for your smile. It’s never been easier to edit the appearance of your teeth and whiten them in the images you take. Whether your snaps are on an iPhone or android, the internet is filled with free teeth whitening apps a plenty! Taking advantage of photo editing apps is commonplace and we review several teeth whitening photo apps below. Say cheese!

Considerations for Choosing a Teeth Whitening App


Of course, when it comes to any kind of app, you’ll want to be sure that:


  •   It’s easy to use – most apps don’t come with instructions as they intuit how the user will interact with them. Make sure to have an understanding of the app you choose to work with
  •   The app works with your phone – You’ll be better off knowing that the teeth whitening picture app you choose is compatible with your phone. Most apps mentioned here are interchangeable between iPhone and androids, but check the app store before downloading to be certain
  •   Extra features – filters, one touch editing, and simple fixes will ensure you’re happy with the final results of your photo


1. Whitening App #1 - YouCam Makeup

  YouCam Makeup

The YouCam Makeup App shows up over and over when it comes to the best photo editing app with teeth whitening. You can edit your lips, eyes, hair, shape of your face and yes, your pearly (or not so pearly) whites, too. This all-in-one, easy-to-use app has a teeth whitener “slide” to easily adjust the color of your teeth. Upload your photo, retouch on the toolbar and navigate to the teeth whiten feature. The teeth whitening tool provides a slider for users to adjust whitening intensity, in order to provide the most natural effect. This app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store, offers a free trial and premium content with optional pay features.


2. Whitening App #2 - FOTOR


fotor app

Fotor is an all-in-one photo editor and teeth whitener app that makes it extremely easy and quick for you to whiten teeth in photos. All it takes is a few clicks to say goodbye to the stains on your teeth. Choose a brush size and apply it wherever you want and adjust the intensity to quickly negate bad lighting and fade away stains or discoloration for a natural look.  Fotor also offers a ton of features like color splash, blur effect, photo frames and background removers, too! It is also one of very few applications that come designed for Windows, Mac and as a WebApp.


3. Whitening App #3 – Facetune


face tune


Unlike other photo editors out there, Facetune was created especially for improving faces. It allows you to edit, enhance and retouch your photos with a variety of options and is frequently used for portrait and selfie editing. Facetune contains a lot of choices to improve your pics to ensure they showcase the subject in the best possible ways. The basic tools for working with photos are located at the bottom of the screen, directly underneath the photo. Facetune allows you to remove imperfections and shortcomings, and the “toothbrush” tool allows you to make your teeth whiter.


4. Whitening App #4 – Beauty Plus

beauty plus

Tens of millions of users have chosen Beauty Plus to edit their photos thanks to the application’s inclusion of many simple but powerful editing tools, various visual effects, and many other functions that will help turn an ordinary selfie into a picture perfect memory. Create a perfect smile with the help of the teeth whitening function to let your smile shine on every selfie! BeautyPlus is a free, double-duty Android tool that serves as a selfie camera and editor.


5. Whitening App #5 - Fotogenic: Face & Body tune and Retouch Editor

Users recommend Fotogenic for it’s “endless amount of possibilities of use with the tools featured in this app.”  Teeth whitening is one of the main features of the Fotogenic app. The ability to whiten your teeth on any pic comes down to highlighting the area of the smile you want to improve. This can also be done by clicking on an icon to get the perfect look. Fotogenic is also considered one of the best photo editing apps for beginners that suits every level of photographer.

6. Whitening App #6 – PicMonkey by Shutterstock

pic monkey


PicMonkey boasts a teeth whitener touch-up that “makes it easy to brighten your smile.”  It works by gliding the tool across your teeth to whiten, then adjusting the fade slider up or down to increase or decrease the bleaching effect. To achieve a more natural look, it’s as simple as adjusting the brightness slider, and know that if you get a little too carried away you can always use the eraser to fix any mistakes. This app is all about maintaining a natural and authentic look and it gives you the tools to do so.





While these best teeth whitening apps certainly make it easy to whiten your teeth, you can also perfect your smile by brushing and flossing every day, and by visiting your dentist for regular checkups. If you’re looking for long lasting teeth whitening in real life, consider the GLO Science line of teeth whitening products, invented by a dentist to give you the ultimate in oral care.



Best Apps for Teeth Whitening