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GLO Patent Title
Patent Number
Mouthpiece US D 636,074
Intra-Oral Whitening Device US 8,029,278
Mouthpiece that Adjusts to User Arch Sizes and Seals From Oxygen Exposure and Methods for Effecting an Oral Treatment US 8,371,853
Mouthpiece that Adjusts to User Arch Sizes and Seals From Oxygen Exposure US 8,591,227
Dental Retractor for Use in Teeth Whitening US 9,271,638
Design (MOUTHPIECE) US D765,255
Utility (Mouthpiece) US 9,572,645
MOUTHPIECE (Design) US D795,501
Closed System Mouthpiece US 9,827,174
Closed System Mouthpiece with Light and Heat Generation to Activate A Formulation to Increase Its Volume US 10,123,860
Methods for Effecting Oral Treatment of Teeth and Gums US 8,215,954
Dispenser & Applicator That Brings Reactive Substrate into Contact with Each Other at Time of Use US 8,262,306
Vial for Delivery of its Contents Without Shards US 8,262,390
Vial for Delivering Contents onto a Substrate (G-Vial 2) US 8,398,324
Single Use Toothbrush and Whitening Touch Up Device and Dermatological Applicator US 8,419306
Dispensing Vial US 8,591,227
Closed System Mouthpiece with Double Beaded Seal US 9,572,645
Therapeutic Mouthpiece Design (ECO Mouthpiece) D 795,501
ECO Balance Formulation 9,827,174
Improved Dispensing Vial 10,201,408
Dispensing Vial  29/644,369
GLO Wireless Teeth Whitening System Design 29/696,510
GLO Wireless Teeth Whitening System Utility  16/593,104
Mouthpiece Japan Pat. No. 5777893
Mouthpiece Korea Pat. No. 10-1651244
Mouthpiece China Pat. No. 102188294B
Mouthpiece Korea (Divisional) Pat. No. 10-1750970
Mouthpiece Hong Kong Pat. No. HK1161825
Mouthpiece Colombia Pat. No. CO6470101A1
Mouthpiece Taiwan Pat. No. TW1610663
Mouthpiece Canada Pat. No. 2,726,322
Mouthpiece Europe (France, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany) Pat. No. 2386264

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