How does it work?

GLO is the first and only at-home teeth whitening system that uses the professional elements of gentle heat and blue LED light to provide safe and effective tooth whitening results. GLO teeth whitening gel is thick, not runny, and stays in place (without the use of strips or annoying trays). Our system provides optimal yet gentle results - up to five or more shades lighter in five to seven days. Developed by NYC's top aesthetic practicing dentist, GLO has been proven safe and effective in multiple clinical studies.

How white can I get my smile, and how long will it take?

You will see results with each application - whether you are using GLO Vial whitening gel alone or accelerating the formulation with light and heat from a GLO Device (which combines warming heat and LED light to accelerate whitening results). The more you GLO, the brighter your smile will get. This is thanks to our combination of gentle yet effective teeth whitening ingredients for use with blue LED light and gentle warming heat. GLO is clinically proven to whiten teeth an average of five shades over the course of one treatment (one treatment = five to seven days). Keep in mind that everyone's smile is unique, and there are many factors involved that affect teeth whitening, including age, genetics and lifestyle. For that reason, some people's teeth will whiten faster; some will take more time.

Does it hurt? What if my teeth have been sensitive to other products?

GLO whitening gel is specially formulated to be sensitivity free. It contains safe and effective teeth whitening ingredients, is free of alcohol and carbamide peroxide, and is designed to stay put on your teeth and off your gums and soft tissue. The vast majority of GLO users do not experience any sensitivity while using GLO.

Is it safe?

Yes. GLO whitening gel was formulated by a top practicing dentist. GLO has been proven to be safe and effective in multiple clinical studies and is registered with the FDA.

is it safe for pregnant women?

Safety and effectiveness are the most important factors at GLO Science. Although GLO products are safe and registered with the FDA, we recommend that any pregnant women interested in our at-home teeth whitening systems first consult their doctors before use.

how long does the whitening last?

Whitening your teeth and keeping your smile bright is a little like coloring your hair: maintaining your results requires maintenance. Your individual maintenance program depends on a number of factors, including lifestyle, age and original shade. We recommend first completing a full GLO whitening treatment (which is five to seven days) to achieve your desired shade. After that, maintain your teeth whitening results with one day of whitening each month (three back-to-back applications), followed by another five-to-seven-day full GLO whitening treatment after six months. That said, if you notice that your teeth are darkening sooner (or you feel like they could use some brightening), simply whiten with our GLO whitening gel, available in a pack of three convenient GLO Vials or more, as soon as you feel you need to - until you achieve your desired shade. Additional five- to seven-day treatments with your preferred GLO device can also be safely repeated until your desired result is achieved.

how often can I whiten?

After your first full treatment (five to seven days), you can use GLO whitening products once per month, performing three or four back-to-back applications in one day. When it comes to how you can keep your teeth white, you can incorporate a full GLO whitening treatment into your routine every four to six months. If you feel more frequent full treatments are needed, please consult your dentist. Also remember a few easy teeth whitening tips at home, such as avoiding coffee, tea and tobacco. If you're unable to change your habits, GLO Vials are ideal for use: just brush them on in between whitening treatments.

can my teeth get too white and unnatural looking?

No. You control your shade of white and the teeth whitening results. You can achieve the ideal shade that is just right for you and tailor your GLO results to your preferences.

what if I want even faster results?

The best way to achieve your max white in the least amount of time is to get an in-office whitening treatment with a certified GLO dentist who offers GLO professional-strength products and treatments. You can learn more about GLO Science Professional treatment options and find a GLO dentist near you right here on our website to get the best results within the shortest amount of time.

can I use GLO science products during orthodontic treatment?

We don't recommend using the GLO Device while you have braces. You can, however, use GLO Vials for easy brush-on whitening with your brackets. You can also use the GLO Device during aligner treatments (when your aligners are not in your mouth). GLO Vials pair perfectly with aligners as well - just apply the gel to your teeth and put in your aligners over the gel. Use a GLO Device as soon as your get your braces off for a beautiful, straight, white smile!

can I use GLO science products with invisalign?

Yes. GLO Vials are ideal for brush-on teeth whitening and are ideal for use during aligner treatments (when these devices are not in your mouth). Just apply the gel to your teeth and put in your aligners over the gel.

can I use glo science products with bridges, veneers, crowns, and other dental work?

Yes! GLO is perfectly safe to use on any unnatural tooth surface. It will remove surface stains and restore them to their original color.

can glo whiten fillings?

Yes. GLO is perfect for use on fillings. Our whitening gel restores any unnatural tooth surface to its original color.

is glo science registered with the fda?

Yes, the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device is a Class 1 Medical Device that pairs with gentle teeth whitening ingredients. It has been registered with the FDA.

do i need to brush my teeth before whitening?

For best results, we do recommend brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush (such as our GLO soft toothbrushes) before whitening. This gives the whitening gel a clean surface to adhere to.

can I eat and drink after whiten

Yes, you can eat and drink. We recommend waiting about 20 minutes before eating and drinking after whitening. For best results on how to keep your teeth white, it's best to avoid food and drinks that stain your teeth during your whitening program. The best tip is to remember that anything that can stain a white shirt can stain your teeth. If you can't change your diet or habits, use GLO Vials periodically to remove stains - before they set - after meals, snacks or drinks.

how long should i wait after whitening to brush my teeth?

As with eating or drinking, we recommend waiting about 20 minutes. However, one of the keys to effective whitening and the best teeth whitening product experience is contact time. For this reason, we recommend allowing the GLO teeth whitening gel to remain on the teeth for as long as possible after application - and before brushing.

What is the difference between the glo lit device and the glo brilliant device?

GLO Lit is the next generation of GLO Brilliant, which is our original at-home teeth whitening device system that uses patented warming heat and gentle light acceleration technology. Both devices use the exact same teeth whitening mouthpiece with gentle warming heat acceleration and LED light and the same GLO Vial whitening gels. GLO Lit adds a new Bluetooth-enabled Power Pack, which pairs with the GLO Whitening App. The app allows you to access additional features to optimize your whitening treatment. These features include previewing results, scheduling treatments, getting reminders to whiten, accessing tips and video tutorials, monitoring your battery power, tracking your progress and more! In addition, GLO Lit takes less time to charge than GLO Brilliant (one hour versus four hours) and has a built-in standard USB for charging in a regular USB port (so there is no need for a USB cord or adapter). GLO Lit also features two hands-free options (a lanyard and a garment clip). However, if charging time and Bluetooth connectivity are not priorities for you and you prefer a longer battery life instead, then GLO Brilliant is the device for you!

can I whiten my teeth while charging the device?

No. For your safety, the GLO Brilliant Control and the GLO Lit Power Pack will not illuminate the mouthpiece while they are charging. Please wait until charging is complete, plug in the mouthpiece and start whitening.

will the light from the mouthpiece affect my skin or eyes?

No. The GLO mouthpiece does not use any UV light and is completely safe for skin and eyes. The mouthpiece uses safe 470 nm blue light generated by LEDs inside the mouthpiece. The light lets you know when the mouthpiece is on and warming.

how hard should I bite down when the mouthpiece is in my mouth?

Simply bite down gently to keep the mouthpiece in place and relax your lips and jaw for a comfortable fit and for the best teeth whitening results. Continue to swallow as you normally would.

how many times a day am I supposed to use the device?

One of the keys to effective whitening and the best teeth whitening product results is contact time and repetition. Our original recommendation with the GLO Brilliant Device was to complete four applications each day for five days. However, in consumer studies, many of you shared that you would prefer spending less time whitening your teeth each day - even if this meant that you would need to add a couple extra days to your treatment to achieve your desired teeth whitening results. Basically, once you were in a daily whitening routine, it became part of your schedule. So, we tested the idea and found that completing three eight-minute applications each day for seven days (rather than four eight-minute applications for five days) yielded the same results for most people.

So, for GLO Lit, we are recommending three times a day for seven days. These protocols are our recommendations for the best teeth whitening results for most people. However, everyone's teeth and lifestyle are different. Follow the treatment plan that works best for you and your schedule, regardless of which GLO Device you are using. (Hint: The GLO Whitening App makes this super easy by letting you customize your treatment plan and then sending you reminders to make sure you stay on track).

can I use glo lit without the whitening app?

Yes, GLO Lit is designed to be used on its own, without the app, or you can enhance your teeth whitening best results experience by pairing it with the app and taking advantage of features like reminders, whitening tips, a visual timer so you know exactly how much time you have left in each application, an indicator of how much battery power you have left and more! When using GLO Lit without the app, simply press the silver power button to turn it on and off and to start each whitening application. The unit will automatically turn off the mouthpiece at the end of each eight-minute application.

how do I charge my device?

The GLO Brilliant device comes with a power adapter and USB cord to use for charging the GLO Control. The GLO Lit device has a standard USB built into the Power Pack and does not require cords or adapters - it can be charged directly in any USB port. Simply remove the cap from the bottom of the Power Pack and plug it into any USB outlet; you can even plug it into the USB outlet in your car, in your computer, etc. We recommend charging both the GLO Brilliant Control and the GLO Lit Power Pack whenever they are not in use, so they are always ready to use. GLO Brilliant takes about four hours to fully charge; GLO Lit takes about one hour to fully charge.

how long does it take to charge the device?

GLO Lit takes approximately one hour to fully charge; GLO Brilliant takes approximately four hours to fully charge. When GLO Lit is fully charged, it will have enough power for at least four eight-minute applications. When GLO Brilliant is fully charged, it will have enough power for at least 6 to 8 eight-minute applications. We recommend charging these units (whichever one you use) when they are not in use, so they are always ready to use.

why can't I plug the mouthpiece directly into my phone?

You may have seen other "light up" mouthpieces that plug directly into a phone and use your phone's battery as their power source. Because the GLO mouthpiece is the only teeth whitening product system that includes both light and warming heat (which is essential for true accelerated whitening and faster results), it requires more reusable power and its own power source.

Mouthpieces that attach to phone not only don't have warming heat acceleration, but they also require you to manually time your own sessions and turn the mouthpiece on and off with a switch. The GLO Brilliant Control and GLO Lit Power Pack not only provide enough efficient power for your mouthpiece to reach the optimal warming temperature, they also time your applications for you and shut your mouthpiece off when each whitening session is complete. Always be very careful about what you plug into your phone. Accessories that are not properly certified for use with your specific phone model can cause damage or may even create a dangerous situation.

What strength is the glo vial whitening gel?

The GLO Vial whitening gel is 6% hydrogen peroxide (which is equivalent to 18% carbamide peroxide, but without the harmful breakdown byproducts). Hydrogen peroxide breaks down safely into oxygen and water as it evaporates in your mouth. We offer higher concentrations of GLO whitening gel through certified GLO dental practices. You can find a convenient GLO dental practice near you on our website.

are glo vials vegan and gluten free?

Yes, GLO Vial teeth whitening gel is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. It was formulated by NYC's top aesthetic practicing dentist and is made in the U.S. with the highest quality using safe and effective ingredients.

can I swallow with the glo vial whitening gel on my teeth?

Yes, swallow as you normally would while the GLO whitening gel is on your teeth and/or when the mouthpiece is in your mouth. The whitening gel is specially formulated to stay put on your teeth until it evaporates and dissolves, without any messy strips or annoying trays required for use.

how long should I wait between applications?

When using the GLO Vial teeth whitening gel alone, wait until the gel penetrates and evaporates (usually two to three minutes) before reapplying. For best results, we recommend completing three back-to-back whitening gel applications each day. Each GLO Vial contains enough whitening gel for at least six applications.

how does the gel work without a strip to keep it in place?

GLO teeth whitening gel is specially formulated to stick to your teeth. There, the thick whitening gel penetrates, whitens and then evaporates as it breaks down safely into oxygen and water - without harmful byproducts. Inconvenient and conspicuous strips are only needed to keep drippy or runny gel in place. It is so much easier to simply brush on GLO whitening gel and go on about your day. No one will even know you are whitening your teeth.

do I need to refrigerate glo vials?

GLO Vials can be stored at room temperature and do not require refrigeration. The patented Vial design features a hermetic seal inside the GLO Vial, which keeps the formulation fresh and active until use - without any special storage requirements.

do the glo vials expire

Yes. As with every perishable item, efficacy can diminish over time. GLO Vials do not require any refrigeration or special storage; each Vial features a patented, hermetic seal design, which keeps the formulation fresh and active until use - without any special storage requirements. That said, if it has been quite some time since you've used your GLO Vial, we recommend opening a fresh Vial. GLO Vials are available in sets of three on our website for your convenience.

How do I get any remaining gel out of my GLO Vial?

We have redesigned our easy squeeze Teeth Whitening GLO Vials so you can actually remove the brush tip applicator and sweep out any remaining gel with a cotton swab. No need to try to cut the vial or, even worse, toss that precious whitening gel you love so much. With our new GLO Vials, you'll be able to squeeze most of the whitening gel out of the GLO Vial thanks to its easy squeeze design. But for that last little bit of gel that gets left behind, simply pull off the brush tip applicator and sweep the rest out with a cotton swab.

Read more here.

How do I get the glo whitening app?

The GLO Whitening App is available for free download at the App Store and Google Play.

What will the glo whitening app let me do

The GLO Whitening App connects wirelessly to your GLO Lit Teeth Whitening Device through Bluetooth. It acts as your own personal whitening concierge, allowing you to preview and track your results, customize and schedule your treatments and receive reminder notifications so you will never forget to whiten. You can also access tips and video tutorials through the app, monitor your battery power and view your countdown timer so you always know exactly how much time you have left for each whitening application. We will continue to add features to the app to help you optimize your whitening experience and stay on track with your whitening regimen. The GLO Whitening App is available for free download at the App Store and at Google Play.

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