Glo Science Professional

A beautiful, healthy, white smile has the power to change your life and make you light up - inside and out!

GLO Professional Treatments represent our highest level professional-strength products and services, available exclusively through GLO partner dental practices who are committed to providing their patients with the very best technology and experience available anywhere.

GLO is trusted by thousands of GLO partner dental practices to provide their patients with the best GLO teeth whitening and therapeutic options to fit their lifestyles and smile needs.


Whitening Treatments

In-Office Whitening

Dental patient in a dentist’s chair giving a thumb’s up sign while using a GLO Brilliant teeth whitening system.

GLO at your dentist with a fast professional treatment that gets you your whitest, brightest smile in under an hour, without pain!

Combines the power of GLO warming heat and light with high concentration, professional strength whitening gel that can only be applied by a dental professional.

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Take Home Whitening 

Whiten with professional GLO technology and professional strength whitening gel in the comfort of your own home. Available exclusively from your dentist. Use as a full whitening treatment or to maintain your in-office results between visits.


GLO Vials

Close-up of a GLO Vial as a person removes the lid.

Professional strength whitening gel for quick, brush-on whitening anywhere or for use as refills for your GLO Device. Available only from your dentist.


GLO Professional Therapeutic Treatments

ECO Balance Gum Health Treatment

Bottle of GLO Science Eco Balance next to an Edison Awards gold ribbon logo.

Proven 8X more effective than brushing and flossing alone. ECO raises oral pH for lasting gum health and powerful fresh breath without the use of antibiotics or harsh ingredients.

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ECO Balance Device Kit

GLO Pro teeth whitening system with an attached mouthpiece.

Amplify and accelerate ECO Balance with the ECO device, specially designed for use with ECO Balance and featuring our patented mouthpiece. GLO warming heat and light accelerates ECO foaming action and increases contact time to penetrate all the hard-to-reach areas in the mouth, leading to an intense clean mouth feel and lasting gum health.

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Empty dentist’s chair in a sterile white environment with dental equipment nearby.

Let one of our GLO partner practices customize an optimal teeth whitening or therapeutic treatment for you. Find a GLO dental practice near you and book your GLO appointment today.

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