How do I get any remaining gel out of my GLO Vial?


How do I get any remaining gel out of my GLO Vial?

We hear you! It can be frustrating to know that there is product left inside a bottle or tube that you can't get out. This happens with toothpaste, mascara, shampoo, etc. - pretty much every product that comes inside a bottle or tube. In fact, we always include extra whitening gel inside each GLO Vial to make sure that you have more than enough for 4 applications, even when some gel inevitably gets left behind.

But now, we have redesigned our easy squeeze Teeth Whitening GLO Vials so you can actually remove the brush tip applicator and sweep out any remaining gel with a cotton swab. No need to try to cut the vial or, even worse, toss that precious whitening gel you love so much.

With our new GLO Vials, you'll be able to squeeze most of the whitening gel out of the GLO Vial thanks to its easy squeeze design. But for that last little bit of gel that gets left behind, simply pull off the brush tip applicator and sweep the rest out with a cotton swab.

Watch this short video to see how:

After you remove the tip, use the cotton swab to apply the gel to your teeth in a thin layer for fast & easy teeth whitening and instant stain removal. The gel will foam slightly, penetrate, and evaporate - taking the stains along with them!

Remember, GLO Vials can be used on their own for fast & easy brush-on whitening anywhere, on-the-go AND they can also be accelerated with any GLO Teeth Whitening Device featuring patented heat & light technology.


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How do I get any remaining gel out of my GLO Vial?