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Top 10 Reasons GLO Vials Are Better Than Strips – GLO Science


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Top 10 Reasons GLO Vials Are Better Than Strips

October 04 2018

Looking for an easier, better way to brighten your smile? Take a look at these top 10 reasons why GLO Vials reign supreme over strips.

1. Just Seconds to Apply

Mastering Vials is a breeze. Simply brush the gel on to the desired teeth, and you’re done before you can count to 5.

2. No Sensitivity

One of the most common complaints about teeth whitening products is tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. GLO whitening gel stays on your teeth and doesn’t run all over your gums, a common cause of discomfort. Plus, it is specially formulated to be sensitivity-free and doesn’t contain alcohol or carbamide peroxide. You get no pain, but all the gain of a brighter, whiter smile!

3. Whiten Anywhere On-the-Go

GLO Vials are pocket-sized and portable, Plus, they don’t require refrigeration to keep the gel inside fresh so you can take them with you anywhere and whiten on-the-go. Keep one in your pocket, one in your purse, one in your desk, and one in your car! Can’t break your coffee habit? Brush on a GLO Vial after your Starbucks run and keep those pearly whites…pearly white 😊

4. Whiten As Many Teeth As You Want

Strips have limited coverage – they will only brighten your front teeth, also dubbed the “social six.” No such restrictions apply with Vials. GLO makes it easy to whiten as far back as you’d like, so smile nice and wide and kiss those premolar stains goodbye.

5. Invisible

Strips show. Vials don’t. Any questions?

6. Shorter Wear Time

Most strips have to be worn for at least 30 minutes, with some wear times extending up to two hours! No longer do you need to carve out a chunk of your day to pace around your bedroom waiting for the time to pass. Simply apply the Vials and wait only five minutes before reapplying.

7. No Mess

GLO Vials feature an easy-squeeze design and a precision applicator brush tip that take the sloppiness out of teeth whitening. The gel is thick so it doesn’t drip or run and make a mess. With no cleanup necessary, you can whiten and touch up anywhere!

8. Hits the Areas That Need Some Extra TLC

Vials are better at tackling the cracks, crevices, and uneven spaces where stains often hide. That means coffee and tea drinkers can swiftly touch up dark spots after drinking their favorite pumpkin spice latte.

And unlike the one-size-fits-all solution of strips, Vials allow you to focus on the problem points that need the most work. Target those dark spots that could use a little more whitening instead of blanketing the teeth with an identical dose of gel.

9. Talk While You Whiten

Don’t you love sounding like you’re wearing your 8th-grade retainer? Yeah, neither do we. But that’s how it sounds when you try to talk with strips. Talk while whitening with GLO Vials and no one can tell the difference.

10. No Rinsing Needed

You may have seen other whitening brands recommending you use a mouthwash after whitening. But with Vials there’s no need for any kind of rinsing. The special-formula gel penetrates dental enamel and then evaporates.

Have you tried GLO Vials and strips? Tell us how they compare for you!