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GLO vs. Crest Whitestrips

June 28 2021

Teeth whitening strips are widely used and they are often seen as a fast, convenient way to quickly get your teeth looking their brightest. And because this method is popular among a wide range of people, it may seem like strips are better than other at-home whitening systems. However, this is a case where appearances can be deceiving. In a head-to-head comparison, you're about to find out how the GLO whitening system compares to Crest Whitestrips, a well-known and popular brand of whitening strips for the teeth.


Created by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, a visionary in the realm of dental health, GLO Science is the result of Dr. Levine's many years of research and practical knowledge. As the holder of 23 patents and five pending patents, Dr. Levine has dedicated himself to ensuring the GLO whitening system performs up to his high standards. When you choose GLO Science you are truly getting the strongest teeth whitening system for at-home use that also happens to be the gentlest.

GLO Science's innovative design makes great use of warming heat acceleration and LED light to produce magnificent whitening results that used to require a visit to your dentist. The mouthpiece device fits comfortably over your teeth and when you turn it on you can see it glowing - a sign that its whitening power is working. When the whitening time expires, simply remove it and place it back into its convenient storage case.

Strips were innovative back in 2001, when they made their first appearance. Since then, very little has changed about their production and use. Since then, easy-to-use at home devices such as GLO's are doing away with the need to use messy strips.

Ease of Application

Whitening your teeth at home should be an easy process and both systems offer ease of use. However, ease is relative when you take messiness and device performance into account.

GLO Lit and GLO Brilliant systems come with a patented mouthpiece and a supply of G-Vials. There is no mess to deal with and the gel quickly dries on the teeth. Once you have the mouthpiece in, simply turn on the device and whiten for the recommended time. That's it! As you wait, you can relax and read, listen to music or browse the internet.

As for Crest Whitestrips, what can be easier than sticking a strip of whitening gel on your teeth? Sure, it seems simple to do. But it can be a bit messy because the gel may squish around and get all over your gums. Getting the strip to stay put for the entire treatment time may also be a challenge. After you're done with the whitening, you may still have to rinse away leftover gel residue, requiring you to be near a sink. This method is simply not hassle free or relaxing like the self-care it should be.

Is it Safe for Sensitive Teeth?

If you have teeth that are prone to sensitivity, the last thing you want to do is subject your teeth to the rigors of harsh whitening gels. Dr. Levine cares about your plight, which is why he made sure to design GLO Science to be the best teeth whitening system for sensitive teeth. GLO Science's formulated 6% hydrogen peroxide gel is also considered to be among the best professional teeth whitening systems for sensitive teeth.

Whitestrips by Crest, on the other hand, can be a hit or miss experience for those with tooth sensitivity. Discomfort after using strips is still a possibility, regardless of using regular or gentle gel strips. If you continue to experience discomfort while using strips, it's better for your oral health to find a safer whitening method.

What's the Coverage Like?

Coverage may not be the first thing that pops into your mind when deciding which system to choose but it matters quite a bit as to how much whitening gets done. With GLO Science, you can whiten both full arches in one session. Also, GLO Vials let you target more areas that need whitening, and they make it easy to whiten areas between teeth. Things are not so rosy with Whitestrips - those strips only cover the front teeth. Plus, it can be a difficult chore to get those strips to whiten all of those spots between each tooth.

How Long Does Whitening Take?

How much time do you have to put into each system to achieve the goal of whiter teeth? Let's take a look.

The GLO whitening system takes an average of five to seven days tops to get the results you desire. Also, if you are just using the gel alone, it's literally a few minutes per day - just brush it on a few times.

If you were to use the Whitestrips, you're looking at a 10-day commitment to get the maximum whitening results. Crest recommends a daily time limit of 30 minutes.

On-the-Go Portability

Taking your GLO system with you to a friend's house or on vacation is easy thanks to the included GLO Science travel pouch. It's roomy enough to fit the mouthpiece device, power source, GLO Lip Care and GLO Vials.

Whitestrips are packaged individually and inside of a standard box. While its packaging is functional, you may need to transfer the strips to another travel pouch for better portability.

Can a Vegan Use This?

If you are a vegan, which whitening system is best?

GLO Science is completely vegan, and you can happily enjoy a bright smile while not violating your deeply held values. Whitestrips don't have any cruelty-free or vegan claims on their product, making this an easy choice.

Considering everything you just learned about GLO Science and Crest Whitestrips, GLO Science is the clear winner when it comes to mess-free, safe and reliable at-home teeth whitening.