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GLO Oral Health Care - GLO Science Teeth Whitening


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Oral Health Care

  • Fast Results
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  • On-The-Go Whitening
At GLO, we help you take care of your smile with the best at-home teeth whitener system. Besides making sure your teeth look their best, we also want to help you have a healthy, clean and fresh mouth. That’s why we offer our GLO oral health products to complement our GLO Brilliant and GLO Lit devices. After all, your bright smile will look even better if it’s paired with fresh breath and clean teeth. Learn more about how these products and our GLO teeth whitening devices work together to keep your oral health in great shape.

Tips for Whitening Your Teeth at Home

Our GLO teeth whitening devices couldn’t be easier to use. The process is quick and simple, which is why our customers love it so much. But it’s crucial to remember one key step to whitening your teeth at home: brush first! If you want the best results, you should brush your teeth right before applying teeth whitening gel from our GLO Vials and using a GLO Lit or GLO Brilliant device. For a fresh, thorough cleaning, use our soft GLO Toothbrushes. They’re designed to make sure your teeth are perfectly prepped for a GLO whitening treatment.

Boost Your Oral Health

One of the most important components of the GLO teeth whitening system is our minty fresh hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. Besides whitening your teeth, the hydrogen peroxide in the formula can also reduce germs. That’s why we’ve also included it in our ECO Balance Oral Health Care Booster. This product features the antimicrobial properties of hydrogen peroxide along with cetylpyridinium chloride to combat dental plaque. It also includes sodium bicarbonate and xylitol to balance your oral pH and freshen your breath. To use it, simply layer it on top of your favorite toothpaste whenever you brush your teeth and let the foaming action penetrate all those hard-to-reach areas for a full-mouth clean. It feels refreshing and helps to keep your teeth nice and bright too.