What Your Smile Says About You


What Your Smile Says About You

Believe it or not, when you smile, you are expressing part of your personality. You've more than likely been in a situation before where someone smiles and you feel yourself melt. There's just something magical about that small gesture, whether it comes from a child, friend, family member or romantic partner.

So you already know that smiling can have positive impacts on your life. Here are some of the things that your smile says about you:

1. You Are Confident

Having a true smile, one that reaches your eyes and makes them crunch just a little, can tell the world that you have self-confidence and are comfortable with yourself. In a working environment, your smile can show that you are a professional and let coworkers and clients know that you are friendly and flexible.

It's also been found that if you are feeling less than confident in any situation, you can make yourself smile even a little to send a signal to your brain to reflect a happier mood. Eventually, you'll give yourself the confidence boost you need, and a genuine smile will come to your face.

When you look and feel confident, this can also make you more memorable. It could even make others more willing to interact and work with you. Being connected is important in a variety of social situations, but it's also beneficial in your career. Smiling can help you form those social connections you'll need to network.

2. You Are Friendly and Outgoing

Speaking of being in social situations, if you happen to be on a video call and smile genuinely at others, this lets them know that you are friendly and outgoing. They may also perceive your smile as an indicator that you are agreeable and trustworthy.

Your smile lets others know that you are worth their time and effort to get to know. Your smile can also help others feel more relaxed and confident around you, and this makes for an enjoyable social experience.

3. You Are Happy

Your smile is an indicator of your happiness. Whether you are excited to see someone or thrilled that a new day has dawned, that will be apparent in your smile. When people see a genuine smile on your face, they know that life can't get you down. This smile may make people view you as successful and a fun person to be around.

When Your Smile Falters

Being able to smile at others sends signals to the people around you. Not smiling can also give people insight into your personality. It may make you seem standoffish or unapproachable. Others may not view you as trustworthy. And you know these aren't who you truly are, you just might have smile anxiety.

What Is Smile Anxiety?

Smile anxiety occurs when you are self-conscious about how you look. Perhaps you have some dental issues or teeth that aren't as white as you would like. You are afraid to show these to others, as they may view you negatively. This might make you avoid smiling as much as possible or you only flash a small smile with a closed mouth. This gesture is better than nothing, but it may also make you appear reserved. This could still be sending the wrong message to others.

What Your Smile Says About You