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A beautiful, healthy, white smile In Las Vegas has the power to change your life and make you light up - inside and out!

GLO Professional Las Vegas Dental Whitening Treatments represent our highest-level professional-strength products and services. These treatments are available exclusively through GLO partner dental practices who are committed to providing their patients with the very best teeth whitening technology and experience available anywhere.

GLO is trusted by thousands of GLO partner dental practices to provide their patients with the best GLO Science Pro teeth whitening and therapeutic options. Talk to your dentist or find a GLO dental practice near you to find out which of our whitening treatments if the right fit for your lifestyle and smile needs.


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Why Should You Get GLO Teeth Whitening In Las Vegas?

Whitens Teeth Quickly

Zero Sensitivity

Enamel Safe

Easy to Use

How GLO Science Works

We use gentle heat and light technology and sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide gel to brighten your smile, fast. Only other GLO Science Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening Dental Practice have this technology.

Hey Las Vegas!

What makes heat & light technology so cool?

GLO Science is the only whitening brand that uses gentle heat and light technology in a fraction of the time with zero sensitivity or pain.





Got Questions About Our Las Vegas Teeth Whitening?

We Have Answers

How long does GLO Science teeth whitening last?

Whitening your teeth and keeping your smile bright is a little like coloring your hair: maintaining your results requires maintenance. Your individual maintenance program depends on a number of factors, including lifestyle, age, and original shade. We recommend first completing a full GLO whitening treatment to achieve your desired shade. After that, maintain your teeth whitening results with one day of whitening each month (three back-to-back applications), followed by another five to seven-day full GLO whitening treatment after six months. If you want a boost in brightening, it is safe to continue the use of your GLO device until your desired result is achieved.

Can I eat or drink after whitening my teeth?

We recommend waiting about 20 minutes before eating and drinking after whitening. For best results on how to keep your teeth white, it's best to avoid food and drinks that stain your teeth during your whitening program, such as coffee, wine, and dark-colored sodas. For in-between brightening after meals or your morning coffee, use the GLO-to-Go Whitening Pen for on-the-go whitening.

How often can I whiten my teeth using GLO Science?

After your first full treatment, you can use GLO whitening products once per month, performing three or four back-to-back applications in one day. To get optimal whitening, you can incorporate a full GLO whitening treatment into your routine every four to six months. If you feel more frequent full treatments are needed, please consult your dentist. For easy, on-the-go whitening, use the GLO-to-go whitening pens to quickly remove stains and whiten your smile.

How does GLO Science Teeth Whitening Work?

GLO is the first and only at-home teeth whitening system that uses the professional elements of gentle heat and blue LED light to provide safe and effective tooth whitening results. GLO teeth whitening gel stays in place without the messy strips or uncomfortable whitening trays. The gentle heat-and-light mouthpiece amplifies and accelerates the results of the whitening gel, allowing you to get your brightest smile in a fraction of the time of traditional whitening treatments.

Our system provides optimal yet gentle results - up to five or more shades lighter in five to seven days. Developed by NYC's top aesthetic practicing dentist, GLO has been proven safe and effective in multiple clinical studies.

How white can I get my smile and how long will it take?

GLO Science teeth whitening systems will safely and quickly deliver your brightest smile - on average, a full treatment can get your smile 5 shades brighter! You can use your GLO Science whitening system monthly to maintain results over time.

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