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The Story of GLO

Young woman wearing a skirt, smiling and laughing outside while holding a bouquet of orange flowers.

We want to see you smile!

At GLO Science, we believe in the life-changing power of a beautiful, healthy, white smile. It's our mission to empower people to smile more!

When you feel confident in your smile, you can express yourself freely, connect with others more easily, and spread more happiness, love, and laughter in the world. 

We know you're excited to begin - it's time to GLO!

Ready to GLO

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine and Stacey Levine smiling and embracing in front of a light gray background.

Our founders' vision

Husband and wife power team, Dr. Jonathan B. and Stacey Levine, were inspired by a vision - that the world would be a better place if we could all smile more. They have dedicated their lives to giving more people the confidence to do just that.

As business partners, innovators, and philanthropists, the Levines bring together a unique combination of expertise in science, clinical oral health care, and prestige beauty.

Through GLO Science and the GLO Good Foundation, they are dedicated to changing lives through the power of the smile.

Our Commitment

  • Light blue Erlenmeyer flask line design on a white background.


    GLO innovations are backed by science

  • Compact image of a smiling mouth in light blue.


    GLO delivers real results

  • Compact image of a ribbon line drawing done in light blue.


    GLO products feature intuitive, award winning design

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    GLO delivers an unparalleled user experience

Little girl with dark eyes and a pink T-shirt looking up at the camera and smiling with her teeth showing.


Giving Back

Driven by the belief that access to oral health care is a basic human right, the Levines founded the GLO Good Foundation to provide free oral health care, education, and tools to those in need around the world.

We are proud that GLO Science and GLO Good are working together to change lives by helping more people achieve and showcase their most confident smiles.

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