10 Tips to Get the Best Teeth Whitening Results


10 Tips to Get the Best Teeth Whitening Results

If you're wondering how to keep your teeth white for the long haul, you're in the right place. Here you'll find the top teeth whitening tips for getting the best results with your whitening treatments, along with suggestions for maintaining that shade as long as possible.

Smiling woman with brown hair and brown eyes brushing her teeth with a blue toothbrush.

Start clean.

Before you even begin your treatment, you want to start with a clean surface. Brush your teeth before you whiten so you're starting with as spotless a surface as possible. Treatments tend to work much better with clean teeth than they would if, say, you just ate a big piece of blueberry pie.

Stay clean.

Cleaning your teeth before the treatment is important, and so is keeping them clean during and after the session. For the duration of your treatment and 48 hours after, try to avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Anything that can stain a white T-shirt can stain your teeth. This includes things like red sauces and dark drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, sodas and grape juice. (And don't forget that blueberry pie.)

Smiling young man sitting outside while he applies a GLO Vial to his teeth.

De-stain immediately.

Wondering how to keep teeth white if you can't avoid certain foods or drinks right after a complete treatment? Clean them up as quickly as possible. Apply whitening gel to your teeth immediately after consuming the stain-producing food or drink. This can help stop stains from setting, and our teeth-whitening GLO Vials make it easy. They are small and portable so you can keep one in your bag or pocket. They also include a little brush tip for fast and easy application.

Practice good hygiene.

Teeth whitening tips at home are often straightforward and pretty simple. Like daily maintenance. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. This keeps your teeth's surface and nooks and crannies as fresh and clean as possible, no matter what you eat or drink throughout the day.

Go for regular touch-ups.

Just like hair care, teeth whitening needs to be done regularly to keep you looking your best. You can maintain your whitening results with monthly touch-ups using a brush-on teeth whitening gel like GLO Vials.You can repeat whitening treatments as needed with a complete GLO kit that uses the gel and a super-cool whitening device.

Combine light and heat.

Use a teeth whitening device that doesn't only use light, but also uses gentle warming heat. Heat is what actually accelerates your teeth whitening results, while an LED light lets you know the device is on (and it looks fun).

Use thick gel.

Thick whitening gel will stick to your teeth, giving it ample time to penetrate and break down stains. You don't want a thin gel that runs off your teeth onto your gums and all over the inside of your mouth. This counts double if your gel breaks down into unsavory ingredients, like those mentioned in the next tip.

Use effective gel.

One of the best teeth whitening tips is to use a gel that contains an active ingredient that's been proven safe and effective. Hydrogen peroxide is not only effective, but it breaks down into plain old water and oxygen inside your mouth. Other active ingredients may not actually be effective or designed to be put into your mouth at all. Still others are not pleasant. The active ingredient of carbamide peroxide, for instance, breaks down into urea and ammonia inside your mouth.

Keep it closed.

For the best teeth whitening best results, you want to use a closed system, or one that keeps the gel on your teeth in a sealed environment. This prevents the escape of whitening oxygens so they can work a little longer and harder for you. Our patented GLO Science mouthpiece fits the bill. It creates an effective closed environment while also delivering gentle warming heat acceleration for even faster results.

Complete GLO Brilliant system in black, packaged in a neat round zippered carrying case.

Go for ease and convenience.

No matter how badly you want whiter teeth, most people aren't going to follow a routine if it's a pain in the neck. Look for teeth whitening devices and gels that are convenient, easy-to-use and can be incorporated into your regular routine without missing a beat. The easier and more fun it is to use, the more likely you'll actually use it. GLO devices definitely fit the bill here, with hands-free devices and a whitening kit option that even connects wirelessly to your smartphone.

In fact, GLO whitening devices and GLO Vials deliver on all of the above teeth whitening tips. You'll find the effective and safe active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide. Our gel is thick so it stays in place for quick touch-ups and complete treatments. GLO devices give you a closed system that combines light and heat. And, as you just learned, our devices and gels are convenient, easy-to-use and let you multitask all you want during treatments. Whiter teeth are just a few clicks away with GLO Science. Shop whitening products for teeth now.

10 Tips to Get the Best Teeth Whitening Results