GLO Lit vs GLO Brilliant - What's the Difference?


GLO Lit vs GLO Brilliant - What's the Difference?


Choosing a teeth whitening system can be confusing. The experts at GLO Science developed our innovative combination of gentle warming heat, teeth whitening light and hydrogen peroxide to deliver safe teeth whitening ingredients and brilliant results.

Our patented heat and blue light teeth whitening devices were developed by a world-renowned practicing dentist and oral health expert to help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile at home - without sensitivity. But which one is right for you: GLO Brilliant or GLO Lit?

We break down the science for you so you can choose the right teeth whitening light, warming heat and hydrogen peroxide treatment system for an experience to smile about.

How to Choose Teeth Whitening Products

There are five basic factors you should consider when deciding on your ideal product for teeth whitening at home.

1. Ingredients -

Before you put it in your mouth, check the ingredients of any product that claims to whiten your teeth. If the ingredients aren't readily available, either on the packaging or the company's website, think twice. You don't want to waste time and money on products that contain unknown or ineffective ingredients - or worse, substances that can cause teeth sensitivity. Look for a clear listing of teeth whitening ingredients that have been proven safe and effective, like hydrogen peroxide.

2. Sensitivity -

This is the most common complaint with teeth whiteners, and it can be caused by many factors. Some people are more naturally prone to tooth sensitivity, but the condition of your teeth and gums, the ingredients of the product, the required contact time with your teeth and whether the product runs onto your gums or other soft tissue can also affect a sensitive response.

3. Lifestyle -

A teeth whitening product should fit easily into your life by being easy to use, allowing you to multitask while whitening. Be sure to check if the product offers a reasonable treatment time as well. In addition to being less convenient, long treatment times may make you less likely to keep up with follow-up sessions required for whiter teeth.

4. Desired Shade -

Whether you need intense whitening or just an occasional touch-up, make sure the product you choose will yield the results you want. The right product for teeth whitening at home will give you both options for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

5. Brand Trustworthiness -

Find out whether the product you're considering was developed by a practicing dentist, is used by reputable dental practices and sold at trusted retailers, not just on the company's website. Also check their satisfaction policies to see if they'll stand behind their product in case of a problem.

GLO Lit vs. GLO Brilliant: What's the Difference?

You've arrived at GLO Science after doing your research on how to choose a teeth whitening products for your needs. Great! Now let's look at how our original groundbreaking GLO Brilliant stacks up against our innovative GLO Lit to determine which one is right for you.

GLO Brilliant is our original patented and FDA-registered device. It's the first and only teeth whitening system to combine Guided Light Optics (GLO) of LED teeth whitening light and gentle warming heat technology with a minty fresh hydrogen peroxide gel packaged in our one-of-a-kind GLO Vials for brilliant whitening without sensitivity. The vegan, gluten-free whitening gel brushes easily onto your teeth and stays in place without dripping onto gums or other soft tissue. It's also made in the U.S. The gentle warming heat accelerates the whitening process, so you only need eight-minute application sessions that target top and bottom teeth simultaneously. The hands-free device allows you to multitask while whitening.


Every GLO Brilliant System includes:

  • GLO Heat & LED Light Mouthpiece and storage case
  • GLO Control and hands-free lanyard
  • 10 Teeth Whitening GLO Vials
  • GLO Lip Treatment
  • GLO universal power cord and adapter
  • A sleek Travel and Storage Case
  • Shade Guide and user manual

GLO Lit levels up your at-home teeth-whitening experience with Bluetooth technology. With this system, you get the same patented GLO Vials with safe home teeth whitening ingredients and the same blue light teeth whitening device with gentle warming heat to accelerate the process. GLO Lit connects your smartphone or other device to the GLO Whitening App via Bluetooth so you can customize your whitening program. Plus, you get 75% faster recharging via the built-in USB port and two ways to go hands-free - a lanyard and a garment clip - for a smile that's truly lit!


Every GLO Lit System includes:

  • GLO Heat & LED Light Mouthpiece and storage case
  • Bluetooth Power Pack with two hands-free choices: lanyard and garment clip
  • Seven Teeth Whitening GLO Vials
  • GLO Lip Care Treatment
  • Travel Pouch
  • Shade Guide and user manual

So, which is the right teeth whitening product for you? Here are our recommendations.

Go for GLO Brilliant if you:

  • Want more GLO Vials included for whitening between treatments
  • Prefer the premium zippered travel case for whitening on the go
  • Want a longer battery life and don't mind a longer charging time


Opt for GLO Lit if you:

  • Use apps on your phone and the enhancements that come with the Bluetooth connectivity are important to you
  • Want the convenience of being able to charge in a USB port without an adapter
  • Prefer the fastest charging time to the longest battery life

Birds-eye view of a desk with map of the world, a laptop, passport, a phone, a succulent, a cup and the GLO Lit teeth whitening system.


Tips for Superior Teeth Whitening Results

To get the brightest results with your GLO Brilliant or GLO Lit system, follow these expert tips on how to keep your teeth white:

  • Brush your teeth before using either GLO Science device.
  • Avoid foods and beverages that can stain your teeth both during your five- to seven-day treatment plan and for 48 hours afterward.
  • If you do indulge in red wine, coffee or another staining food or beverage, apply our whitening gel immediately afterward to keep stains from setting. (It will whiten on its own when used without the device and works faster when used with a GLO Science device).
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Know that teeth whitening results aren't permanent. This isn't a one-time deal but an ongoing process, like getting regular haircuts. Maintain your brilliantly white lit smile with monthly touch-ups and repeated whitening sessions.

If you're ready to get started on your teeth whitening journey, GLO Science is here to help. Based on this guide, you can choose between our GLO Lit and GLO Brilliant devices to get a product that works for your lifestyle and the radiant smile you've dreamed of.

GLO Lit vs GLO Brilliant - What's the Difference?