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3 Hidden Powers of Your Smile

April 23 2018

Smiling is one of the most natural movements you can make. In the first few weeks of infancy, babies automatically begin smiling on their own. Within about two months, they begin to recognize when others are smiling at them, and, by this time, they’re reciprocating in kind.

Your smile has enormous power. When you smile, you:

  • Connect with others: Smile at someone, and you almost always get a smile back in return.
  • Lift your mood: A genuine smile increases the production of serotonin, which has been scientifically shown to elevate mood. Even when you don’t feel happy, look in the mirror and try smiling at yourself. You’ll feel your mood start to change for the better.
  • Show confidence: A smile automatically exudes confidence. Studies show that people who smile freely are perceived to be more-self assured and more successful.

The bottom line -- smiling is healthy and helps boost relationships, happiness, and self-confidence. Let’s all make sure to smile more!