9 Healthy Oral Habits for a Perfect Smile


9 Healthy Oral Habits for a Perfect Smile

For a smile to be perfect and stunning, it must be healthy. That’s why maintaining a dazzling smile requires practicing good oral health habits. Keeping your oral health care always in check will ensure you’ll continue to have a smile that not only turns heads but boosts your confidence level and keeps you away from potentially painful dental procedures.

Read on for nine healthy oral habits to help you maintain a glowing smile reflecting your inner shine.

1. Floss and Brush Daily

While this is a given, many might forget that they must brush twice a day and floss at least once daily. Brushing prevents plaque from accumulating and hardening, forming tartar. It can help you maintain a whiter smile and a fresher breath throughout the day. On the other hand, flossing helps remove the plaque and tartar accumulating between the teeth, which, if left alone, can cause gum inflammation. In case you can’t floss properly, invest in a water flosser. This device streames water between your teeth, flushing all the debris and plaque.

2. Replace Your Toothbrush

Toothbrushes wear out over time, and frayed bristles are less effective at cleaning your teeth. Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months or sooner if the bristles become frayed. Dental professionals recommend choosing soft bristles, whether you’re into electronic toothbrushes or manual ones. Using stiffer bristles or aggressively brushing your teeth can tear your gums and eventually wear off your enamel.

3. Regular Hygiene Visits

Regular dental check-ups are essential for maintaining good oral health and a beautiful smile. Schedule routine hygiene visits every six months for professional cleanings and examinations. Early detection of dental issues can prevent more significant problems down the road. Those regular visits will also keep your general health in check, as many health conditions also have oral symptoms. Your dentist can alert you to potential issues that may require your attention.

4. Avoid Tobacco

Whether you’re consuming cigarettes, cigars, or E-cigarettes (vapes), smoking causes several health and oral issues, from teeth staining, receding gums, deep pockets, and bad breath to more severe conditions like oral cancer. Quitting smoking is not just a gift to your lungs but also to your teeth and gums.

5. Mind Your Beverages

Like smoking, your favorite drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine can hinder your bright smile, leaving superficial stains on your teeth that can be cleared during your hygiene visits or using at-home teeth whitening methods. On the other hand, sugary drinks such as soda can cause tooth decay and enamel wear with overconsumption. While you don't have to eliminate them entirely, moderation is key. Rinse your mouth with water after drinking them, and consider using a straw to minimize contact with your teeth.

6. Stay Hydrated

Water is not only essential for your physical health but also for your oral health. It rinses and clears your teeth, preventing plaque accumulation and cavities. Similarly, it flushes toxins off your body, keeping it healthy. Ensure you drink fluoridated water, which can also enforce your oral health and strengthen your teeth against decay.

7. Munch Your Veggies

A well-balanced diet can improve your overall health, let alone your oral health. The USDA’s dietary guidelines recommend that adults eat at least five servings of veggies and fruits a day. Eating fresh, crunchy vegetables infuses your body with essential vitamins and nutrients for your general health and also acts as a mouthwash, naturally cleansing your mouth and stimulating saliva production. Contrarily, limit sugary and acidic foods and drinks, as they raise the acidity of your saliva and stick to your teeth, leading to tooth decay and gum inflammation.

8. Address Other Health Conditions

Adopt a holistic approach, as certain health conditions, like diabetes, can impact your oral health, potentially leading to complications like gum disease. Moreover, stress-induced teeth grinding (bruxism) may result in enamel chipping. Ease out your stress or consult your dentist for guidance on using a night guard. If your prescribed medication induces dry mouth, explore alternative options with your doctor or seek advice on managing it with other solutions, such as chewing sugar-free gum.

9. Wisely Select Your Whitening Products

If you want to cheer your oral health and reward yourself with a brighter smile, carefully select the products. With a wide variety of teeth whitening solutions available in the market, they are not all equally made. Some products may contain harsh chemicals that can cause enamel wear and severe teeth sensitivity, while others can barely have noticeable whitening results. Opt for safe and efficient solutions that are clinically proven for their effectiveness and validated for their safety.  

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9 Healthy Oral Habits for a Perfect Smile