What Makes The Best Teeth Whitening Products?


What Makes The Best Teeth Whitening Products?

How To Review Teeth Whitening Products?

Its important to review your options before buying something, to make sure you are getting the exact product that fits your needs. From cars to teeth whitening products, research can make a difference in the happiness of your end result! 

Before you go through checkout with your new whitening kit, evaluate these crucial criteria:

1) Clinically Proven Results

One of the most important questions is: does this product actually work? Studies have shown that in a lot of cases, people aren't satisfied with their teeth whitening results. This means that a lot of products are just ineffective. If you're paying for a product and investing your time into using it, you want to make sure that it gives you the results you're looking for.

It's one thing to see a before-and-after picture, but it's another to see the actual results. You want to know that the product you choose is actually going to work. If you're considering a product that doesn't share its clinical proof, there are other ways to do your research and make sure you're investing in something worthwhile. Do a simple Google search for the product's name and "reviews," and you'll usually be able to find people who have actually tried the product and have shared their experiences with it. Another way is to ask your dentist about the products they recommend and use in their office. At the end of the day, make sure you know the results you see are real!

2) Speed

The next thing to consider is how often you have to use the product in order to get the results you're looking for. It's easy to assume that if you have more visible teeth stains, then using a whitening pen every day for an extended period of time will be necessary. But this isn't always true. Some of the top teeth whitening products only require one or two uses per week, so keep this in mind when choosing a product. When checking the results that people get from a product, also check to see how long it took them to get there. Some companies inflate their results to better market their product, when in reality it takes a lot longer to see whiter teeth! A product with clinically proven results that also incorporate speed into that research is one we recommend going with. Whether you want fast or slower results, do your research.

3) Irritation

When choosing a teeth whitening product, you should also consider if it will irritate your teeth or gums. Some products contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause irritation. This can be avoided by choosing a product with natural ingredients. If you have sensitive teeth, this is an important consideration when choosing a product. Some people also have allergies to some of the ingredients used in over-the-counter teeth whitening products. If you have sensitive teeth or if you are unsure about what ingredients are in the product, it is best to consult with your dentist before using it.

Another thing to consider is how the product is applied to your teeth and whether that will cause irritation to your gums or not. For instance, Crest Whitestrips are designed to be safe for use at home, but you should carefully follow the directions on the box for optimal results without sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity and pain have been frequently associated with Crest Whitestrips, and some users report having painful or numb white spots on the gums after using Crest Whitestrips. To lessen the risk of developing sensitivity, pain, or spots, apply only on teeth, avoid the gum line when applying Whitestrips, and remove carefully after the allotted whitening time. Or alternatively, look for an option that is clinically proven to not cause sensitivity at all. GLO Teeth Whitening Devices and GLO Teeth Whitening Gel Vials are enamel safe and don’t cause sensitivity or pain. The GLO Whitening Gel is dentist formulated and contains hydrogen peroxide that will not harm teeth and is safe to use even on bridges, crowns, and veneers. The GLO Whitening Device is safe to use often. Simply use until you reach your desired whiteness!

4) Active Ingredients

Check the ingredients for the product! Some ingredients inextricably tied to gum discomfort are found in teeth-whitening products. The main ingredient in GLO Vials is hydrogen peroxide, a prevalent dental ingredient clinically proven to whiten teeth. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water, and according to the American Dental Association (ADA), the powerful ingredient is proven to remove surface stains and dental discoloration.

But beware, some whitening products contain carbamide peroxide, which decomposes into urea and ammonia -- and you certainly don’t want those waste byproducts in your mouth. Others use active ingredients whose whitening benefits and enamel safety are unproven. Check the ingredient label list before buying.

5) Price Point

You get what you pay for. Some tooth whitening products are comprised of safer ingredients than others, and not all deliver reliable results. Spending less for a low-quality product whose ingredients you can’t trust will likely leave you short on money and certainly short of the perfect smile you desire.

Instead, consider investing in a proven technology that will last long after you reach the shade of white you’re looking for. Teeth whitening is never permanent and maintenance is essential. A high-quality whitening device will be there for you whenever you need to touch up or refresh your smile. See which whitening products fit your budget without compromising what’s best for your oral care.

6) Ease of Use

Routine is everything, and nobody likes twiddling their thumbs waiting for their whitening strips to finish working. No strips, no problem. GLO Vials are crafted to fit seamlessly into your day to day. They’re also pocket-sized and portable, making them wonderful for whitening on the move!

Pair GLO Vials with the GLO Device for hands-free accelerated whitening at home, and you can still multitask while you whiten!

Choosing Teeth Whitening Products: Further FAQs

With dozens of products on the market, choosing the best product for teeth whitening at home can seem like a daunting task. So, what's the good news? It doesn't have to be overwhelming or difficult. You can narrow down your choices by looking at different aspects of each product until you land on the best teeth whitening product that suits your needs as well as your lifestyle. Above we went into 6 major things to consider, but here are some additional questions you should ask yourself before choosing a product.

Will it Fit into Your Lifestyle?

Unless you can afford to spend hours sitting idle with a product in your mouth, you'll want to look for a teeth whitening product with features that work with your routine:

  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to multitask while whitening
  • Has a manageable treatment time

The full recommended treatment time is based on four factors: contact time, strength of the gel, acceleration by heat and repetition. Some products are lower in strength for whitening and include no accelerating properties like using additional heat, so you can expect the treatment time for those products to be very long. Other products utilize stronger gels and illuminating heat technology to limit your treatment time to just minutes a day, which is much easier to fit in a busier schedule! Overall, you should consider what features and factors are important to you and your lifestyle, so you will use the product efficiently!

Will it Provide Your Desired Shade?

Some products may be designed for intense whitening, while others are good for occasional touch-ups. The best product for teeth whitening at home though is the one that will give you the desired shade you are looking for. Make sure you check reviews and results of others that started at a similar shade to you, and see where they got! 

If you don't know what shade you are, take a look at our shade guide below for reference. You can print this image out and compare in the mirror directly for a better idea!

Can You Trust the Brand?

You might see a lot of celebrities using different products online, but that's not necessarily proof of anything. Celebs get paid to create those posts and ads, so all that means is they agreed to a money-making deal. Maybe they researched it, maybe they didn't, but you definitely should so you know you're treating your smile right.

Things you want to look for include:

  • Who developed the system? Was it invented by a practicing dentist who understands the science and safety concerns of whitening, or was it just sourced from a generic factory somewhere?
  • Where is it sold? Is it sold at trusted retailers, or is it only available direct from the company?
  • Is the brand used by dental practices and trusted by dentists?
  • Do the brand's satisfaction policies just give you more gel if you aren't happy, or will they refund your money if there is a problem?

For the record, the GLO device was created by a practicing dentist, is used and trusted by dentists and sold at trusted retailers as well as direct from GLO Science. The device also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year limited warranty to boot.

Now that you know how to choose teeth whitening products, your choice should be that much easier to make. The GLO device and GLO Vials meet all the above criteria to come in as the best product for teeth whitening at home, hands down. Shop GLO Science for yours now.

What Makes The Best Teeth Whitening Products?