7 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Kits Are Better Than Strips


7 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Kits Are Better Than Strips

A brighter, whiter smile helps to enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. Thankfully, a bright smile is relatively easy to achieve at home without much time or effort. Two super-common methods of at-home teeth whitening are whitening kits and whitening strips. Both boast brightened enamel, easy application, and quick results - but which whitening method is best? Keep reading if you’re trying to decide whether to whiten with teeth whitening strips or kits!

Teeth Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are made of thin, elastic polyethylene plastic. They are standard whitening tools found in many drugstores and online from many brands. Typically, they are sold in pairs for upper and lower front teeth, and each strip is individually wrapped.

They essentially act as a ‘tape’ applied to teeth. One side has a film of whitening gel that adheres to teeth to break down teeth stains. The strip helps the gel to stay secured to the tooth surface so that the whitening gel can penetrate the tooth’s surface to whiten.

Teeth Whitening Kits

Whitening kits are also easy to use and portable, but they offer more noticeable results. They contain a specially formulated whitening gel with up to 10% hydrogen peroxide. These kits are available in various forms, including tubes, syringes, and trays.

The trays can be customized at a dental office or come as moldable trays softened with hot water. Alternatively, some trays come prefilled with whitening gel. The most recent innovation is teeth whitening device kits with LED light trays. They use light and heat to activate the gel for faster whitening.

Teeth Whitening Kits vs. Whitening Strips

While both options are considered safe, convenient, and easy to use, some differences might help you decide which product works best for you and is more effective and gentle on your teeth, gums, and budget.


1. Teeth Whitening Effectiveness

Teeth whitening strips come with different levels of hydrogen peroxide, ranging from 6% to 14% in specific brands. The effectiveness of these strips depends on how well they stick to your teeth and how long you use them. They can make your teeth 3-5 shades whiter on average. 

On the other hand, teeth whitening device kits provide professional-grade results in less time. With modern technology, you can use less whitening gel and still see a noticeable brighter smile in just a few days. GLO Science’s illuminating heat mouthpiece activates the gel and breaks down the yellow stains faster, achieving up to 10 shades whiter smile in a shorter time.

2. Teeth Whitening Kits Have Faster Results

Whitening strips are often advertised as being quick to apply. However, they usually must be worn for at least 30 minutes, used for 7-10 days, and up to 2 weeks to reap real benefits and reach the deep, resisting stains. Teeth whitening gel, on the other hand, whitens effectively in mere minutes and, when paired with GLO’s patented device, can whiten your smile in just 4 days.

3. Safe and Sensitivity Free Teeth Whitening

While popular, teeth whitening strips can harm enamel and cause lingering pain and sensitivity. Some brands may contain harsh chemicals like chlorine dioxide. While these can whiten teeth faster, they’re proven to damage the tooth enamel, stripping it off, causing erosion, and making teeth more prone to decay.

Moreover, the strips apply whitening agents to the tooth for an extended time, often reaching the teeth' roots and irritating the gums. On the other hand, a whitening gel is entirely customizable and can be applied to enamel only. Since you have complete control of where the gel is used, you can avoid the gumline, significantly reducing the chance of sensitivity.

In addition to the application, GLO Vials make a big difference. They are specially formulated to be sensitivity-free and enamel-safe for an optimal experience and effective whitening with zero pain.

4. Whitening Kits Targets Areas that Need Extra TLC

Whitening kits let you apply the gel precisely where you need it. If your teeth have uneven enamel shades or spaces where stains often hide. That means coffee and tea drinkers can swiftly touch dark spots after drinking their favorite pumpkin spice latte.

Likewise, if you notice yellowing closer to the tooth's base than at the tip, you can easily apply gel to just the bottom of the tooth to even out the shade. Additionally, if you have crowns, fillings, or veneers that won’t benefit from the whitening gel, you can easily skip them. 

In contrast, whitening strips are a one-size-fits-all solution, and there isn’t a way to customize them to tackle problem areas. So, if you have uneven enamel shade, it will lighten them all simultaneously. So they may brighten but will still be inconsistent. 

5. Mess-Free At-Home Teeth Whitening

Many teeth whitening kits feature whitening gel in an easy-squeeze design and a precision applicator brush tip for mess-free application. The gel is thick and dense, so it doesn’t drip or run and make a mess. With no cleanup necessary, you can whiten and touch up effortlessly. Whitening strips can stick to fingers and create a lot of plastic waste. If you hope to be more conscientious of your junk, look for whitening gels in recycled packaging.

6. Teeth Whitening Kits Don’t Require Rinsing

Whitening strips can leave a sticky residue or film that only dissolves with several rinses. With GLO Science Whitening gel, you don’t need to stress about being able to rinse (or even spit!) because the hydrogen peroxide gel breaks down clearly without any sticky film or gross aftertaste.

7. Budget Friendly

Whitening strips are widely advertised and easily accessible, making them appear as a more affordable option for achieving a white smile. However, while they may be initially cheaper, the long-term costs can add up if you need frequent touch-ups to maintain your radiant smile.

On the other hand, the upfront investment in a teeth whitening kit can be a more sustainable and budget-friendly choice in the long run. After purchasing your device kit, you only need to buy the whitening gel when you run out. This allows you to customize full whitening sessions or touch-ups as needed, providing a more cost-effective approach to maintaining your bright smile.

Make the smart choice as you strive for a brighter, confident smile. While strips offer convenience, it's the teeth whitening kits that stand out as the superior choice. GLO Science's advanced kits, with their dentist-invented, illuminating heat mouthpiece, deliver professional-grade results in a fraction of the time. Not only do they outshine strips in effectiveness, targeting specific areas with precision, but they also prioritize your oral health. Avoiding harsh chemicals and minimizing contact time, GLO ensures a dazzling, sensitivity-free smile. Ready to elevate your smile game?


Invest in a GLO device kit today!

7 Reasons Why Teeth Whitening Kits Are Better Than Strips