3 Reasons to Mindfully Pick Vegan Beauty Products

3 Reasons to Mindfully Pick Vegan Beauty Products

The world is shifting its gaze towards sustainability, and the spotlight is illuminating our everyday choices. From what we eat to what we wear, a growing awareness echoes the question: is this kind to the planet? And the beauty and cosmetics field resonates deeply with the exact question. With alarming statistics on animal farming contributing 14.5% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, societies worldwide are increasingly leaning towards vegan, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free alternatives.

Today, we’ll dive into why your next beauty product purchase merits a mindful pause for a brighter future, inside and out. Read on to learn how to make a conscious choice about the products you put on your shelf, on your skin, and in your smile.

The Difference Between Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products
Before delving into the significance of choosing vegan beauty products, it’s essential to set aside the confusion between the different terms and expressions we usually read on the packaging. Vegan and cruelty-free are the most commonly synonymously used jargon, with many people assuming they have the same meaning.

While cruelty-free implies the absence of animal testing, vegan products go a step further by excluding animal-derived ingredients. In other words, a cruelty-free product may contain animal ingredients and a vegan product could be tested on an animal.

Why Selecting Vegan Beauty Products is Important

So, let's cut through the confusion and explore three compelling reasons why consciously choosing vegan beauty, like GLO Teeth Whitening products, is a win for both your smile and the environment.

1. Eco-Friendly

By opting for plant-based ingredients and refraining from animal-derived ones, you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and global warming. These products minimize deforestation, habitat destruction, and pollution associated with traditional farming practices.

Farmed animals produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, methane gas, and nitrous oxide through their digestive process and waste breakdown. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, methane gas has a warming effect on the planet that’s 86 times more than CO2.  

Moreover, excessive amounts of animal waste from these farms leak and reach into the rivers, creating algal blooms and dead zones. Their wastes are rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, which creates areas of zero oxygen and suffocates the sea creatures. On the other hand, vegan beauty products often use natural and sustainable ingredients, which are less harmful to the environment and produce a significantly lower carbon footprint.

2. Kind to Animals

By steering clear of animal-derived ingredients, you actively support a cruelty-free industry, promoting a world where beauty doesn't come at the expense of innocent lives. The animal testing labs and factories producing animal-derived ingredients produce massive amounts of waste, from organic animal waste to chemicals and carbon footprint, and sometimes dead animal bodies when exposed to toxins.  

Picking a vegan product over a non-vegan one is a loud call to manufacturers to refrain from animal cruelty and animal-derived ingredients that are directly harming the animals and the environment.

3. Healthier and Cleaner

There’s a long list of animal-derived ingredients that you may find in your everyday skincare and cosmetic products. While they’re usually harmless- unless you’re allergic to specific compounds- they’re not the best for you. Moreover, the thought of smearing cow urine (allantoin) or whale vomit (ambergris) on your skin is not that appealing, isn’t it?

And to help you identify a Vegan product, here’s a list of commonly used animal-derived ingredients to look for on your beauty products’ labels:

  • Carmine, crushed-up beetles, usually found in cosmetics and red-pigmented food
  • Gelatin, extracted from boiling skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments of cows or pigs
  • Squalene, shark liver oil
  • Shellac, obtained from the female scale insect Tachardia lacca
  • Sheep organs (placenta)
  • Collagen, extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissues of cows, pigs, and fish
  • Elastin, extracted from the neck ligaments and aorta of bovine
  • Keratin, found in the skin, bones, and connective tissues of cows, pigs, and fish

GLO: A Vegan and Cruelty-Free Smile Transformer

At GLO Science, we care for the environment and look forward to positively impacting the planet as well as your well-being and confident, bright smile. As a result, we’ve specially formulated our whitening gels to ensure you get your desirable smile makeover with a clean and guilt-free feeling, using only the finest and most effective ingredients.

In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, we’re keeping our products clean without compromising the effectiveness of our whitening gel. Accordingly, our products are also free of Gluten, Triclosan, Paraben, Formaldehyde, Phthalate, Sulfate SLS & SLES, and Synthetic Fragrances. 

Embrace a brighter, cleaner future with mindful beauty choices. Make a positive impact on the environment by choosing products that align with your values. Opting for vegan beauty products, like GLO Teeth Whitening, is a powerful stride towards an eco-friendly routine. From reducing carbon footprints to saving innocent lives, the impact is profound, one smile at a time.  

Shine bright, shine kind… Browse through our whitening gels.

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