Adding Hydrogen Peroxide to Your Oral Health Care Routine

April 03 2020

You know that nondescript brown bottle taking up space in your medicine cabinet? Yeah, that 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution you bought at the pharmacy because you figured you should have it around. Well, you may not have thought about it in years but hydrogen peroxide is getting more attention these days as the COVID-19 pandemic and hygiene are top of mind for pretty much everyone around the world.

Often referred to as a “wonder product,” this liquid powerhouse is quite the heavy lifter with multiple applications and benefits including reducing pain, detoxifying the body, and eliminating germs. All this, in addition to being a proven safe and effective teeth whitening agent.

Given the times we are in, your oral health is more important than ever as disease and germs can enter the body through the mouth. When your gums and mouth aren’t healthy, bacteria and viruses have an easier time getting inside and causing infection and illness. And, with many dental practices across the country having to focus on emergency care only right now, we all need to take extra care to keep our teeth clean and healthy until we can get back to the dentist for our routine cleanings. Oral health, after all, is the gateway to overall health and wellness.

With the CDC and ADA both emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene, including oral care, during this time, let’s take a look at how hydrogen peroxide can help your teeth and gums stay healthy.

According to RDH Magazine, hydrogen peroxide has been used by dental professionals since 1913 for the prevention and treatment of gum disease. It serves as an oxidizing agent and prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Hydrogen peroxide breaks through the biofilm slime barrier, fighting gum disease and other inflammation. The ADA has also included having patients rinse with a hydrogen peroxide solution in its COVID-19 pre-treatment protocols.

GLO Science has long recognized the benefits of hydrogen peroxide, which is a key ingredient in our products. When used for teeth whitening purposes, hydrogen peroxide retains its antiseptic properties and can help create a healthier environment inside the mouth. In fact, during one of our early teeth whitening clinical studies, the head researcher noticed an improvement in participants’ gum health over the course of the study which she attributed to the regular use of the hydrogen-peroxide based whitening gel combined with the light & heat acceleration of the GLO mouthpiece.

A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, available at most pharmacies and most likely already on your medicine cabinet shelf, is safe when applied directly to a soft bristle toothbrush and followed by flossing. You can also use it as a mouthwash, mixing two parts water with one part 3% solution. When used daily, this can help prevent plaque buildup and bacteria. Higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (above 10%) should only be used with the proper dental consultations and professional grade products.

GLO Science teeth whitening gel included in GLO teeth whitening kits contain 6% hydrogen peroxide, with 10% hydrogen peroxide in our professional at home products. Our oral health care booster, ECO Balance, contains 1.4% hydrogen peroxide and is layered on top of your favorite toothpaste for twice daily brushing that is 8X more effective than brushing and flossing alone and gives you an easy way to amp up your oral care routine.

Adding hydrogen peroxide products to your at-home oral care regimen is easy and can reap rewards for your oral health, overall health, and the brightness of your smile as well!