Give Your Friend the Gift of Whiter Teeth

Give Your Friend the Gift of Whiter Teeth

Giving your friends gifts for their birthdays or other special occasions is a great way to let them know how much you care. But what do you give your friend that has everything? Well, if they've been talking about wanting whiter teeth, then now is the time to help them make their dreams come true.

When it comes to unique gifts for friends, GLO Science has several teeth whitening options to choose from. No matter which one you go with, your friends will see results in as few as five to seven days. You're not only giving your friend the gift of a more dazzling smile, you're also giving them a way to boost their confidence, which can lead to increased happiness.

Here are some of the gift ideas for friends that you should consider so that they can have whiter teeth and live their best life.

A GLO Whitening Device

At GLO Science, we offer three at-home teeth whitening devices: The GLO Brilliant® White Smile Teeth Whitening Devicethe GLO Lit device and the GLO Brilliant device. All of them were developed by a practicing dentist, and they use our patented Illuminating Heat Technology™ to give your friend accelerated whitening results without sensitivity.

Depending on how soon your friend wants to see results, they can choose to use our New Brilliant® White Smile Device for the fastest results or they could use our GLO Lit Device which connects to our GLO Whitening App for treatment tracking. For every device, the treatments only take eight minutes, so they are sure to find time in their schedule to whiten their teeth up to 12 shades brighter.

No matter which one you choose when it comes to birthday gift ideas for your best friend, you are giving them the opportunity to create a dazzling smile, and that is sure to give them something to smile about.

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Teeth Whitening Gifts - Accessories

If you are looking for some good stocking stuffers, or are shopping on a budget, we also offer a great selection of smaller whitening gifts and accessories. Our GLO to Go Teeth Whitening Pen is the perfect way for your friend to whiten on the go without breaking the bank. Plus its very travel friendly and can slide right into a small bag or purse. You could also gift your friend our Leather Travel Bag (it's vegan!) which is the perfect way for them to carry all those little accessories with them wherever they go. Finally, we also suggest looking at our ECO Balance Toothpaste Topper as a gift. If your friend constantly complains about flossing and absolutely hates doing it, this is the perfect gift for them. ECO Balance is clinically proven to be 8x better than brushing and flossing alone. You simply add it to your toothpaste during your regular teeth brushing routine, and that's it! Their dentist, and their sanity, will thank you!

Professional Teeth Whitening

If you have a friend that wants whiter teeth but doesn't want to take on the task themselves, then you should consider getting them professional teeth whitening services. This gives them the opportunity to create a stunning smile, but they won't have to find time in their busy day to do it themselves. It's a win-win for everyone! Our GLO Science Dentist partners will be able to give you a much whiter smile in just 30 minutes. Using the same technology as our consumer products, there is no sensitivity or pain, just results! The only major differences between our professional whitening technology and consumer technology is the power of the whitening gel and cost. Our professional partners use a much stronger gel to give you the fastest results, but it does need to be applied more carefully to your teeth which is why only dental professionals use this level of whitening gel. Additionally, usually the whitening cost at a dentist can be more expensive than traditional take home methods. But with the extra cost your friend can get instant results instead of waiting up to a week to see a difference! If your friend has a wedding or important event coming up, we highly recommend gifting them a trip to a GLO Dentist for a professional whitening experience. 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

If your friend has been talking about whitening their teeth, there is no better time than their birthday or another special occasion to get them the best teeth whitening product as a gift. They'll see results in five to seven days, but their confidence and glee because of their brighter smile will last for a lot longer. Browse our website and see what we have to offer!

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