The GLO Guide on How to Take a Good Selfie


The GLO Guide on How to Take a Good Selfie

Selfies are fun photos you can take to give yourself confidence, share a life experience, convey moods, sharing news, or generally showing off one's smile. You can take them with a phone, a polaroid camera, or even a fancy DSLR! Whether you're new to selfies or have taken them before, we've put together a few tips for a good selfie.

1. Find the Right Pose

How do you post for a selfie? You might think that all you have to do is point your camera at yourself and take a picture. If you do that, you leave things up to chance and might be disappointed. Taking selfies isn't hard, but it does work better with a little planning, including finding the right pose.

For this, you'll have to do some experimenting. Move the camera and your body into different positions. Tilt your head to one side, or hold the camera above you and look up. Try a pose while laying down. Consider taking mirror selfies if you've got an outfit you'd like to flaunt. There are so many different poses to choose from! Once you have found a cute pose that makes you look and feel really good, share that photo.

2. Choose the Right Look

Next, we are diving into how to look good for a selfie. The right look for your selfies will depend on what you're trying to achieve with the final photo. Dress yourself according to the mood of your selfie and your purpose, or if you're sharing an experience you're having you can just use what you have on already! The most important part is to be happy with how you look, and wearing something that flatters your natural features. 

3. Check the Lighting

Some say lighting is everything with a good selfie, and we couldn't agree more! If you take a selfie in a very dimly lit area, it will be hard to see you or where you are. Even lighting can make or break good video calls! So lighting is extremely important for anything involving YOU. For a good selfie, you will want to look towards the light but have it be offset from you at an angle. This will create some depth in your face and features, but focus the light on you as well in a flattering manner. Make sure you have enough light to make you easy to see, but not so much light that your features are blown out in your photos. A good balance is key.

4. Consider the Background

Though you are the star of the show in a selfie, a good compelling background can boost appeal. We suggest finding aesthetic spots to snap a shot, such as natural landscapes, in front of art, or your favorite locations to visit. In some cities, there are even selfie museums which are made just for taking a selfie in cool spots! From donut walls to cloud rooms, there are many options for you to take a selfie with a compelling and fun background. 

5. Convey your Smile

The most important part of a selfie – The SMILE! A smile is the final piece of the puzzle to a good selfie. Make sure you are smiling right, as there are different types of smiles you can share that all have their own meaning. Update your game by learning more about these types of smiles here. If you are looking to try out different styles of smiles, we recommend practicing in front of a mirror. This is a great way to learn how to take the best mirror selfies too!

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Whether you are asking how to take a good selfie for guys or gals, following the tips listed above will help you create pictures you can't wait to post. Above all else, a selfie allows you to express yourself and share your smile! It's very important to share your smile with others. Deciding to smile can make your photo even more glamorous, and finding the products at GLO Science that will make your teeth dazzling is essential. Check us out today!


The GLO Guide on How to Take a Good Selfie