The Power of GLO's Controlled Illuminating Heat Technology


The Power of GLO's Controlled Illuminating Heat Technology

The teeth whitening market has grown over the years with a wide variety of different solutions. From complicated in-office treatments to over-the-counter whitening strips, there’s a solution that meets all your needs. But it’s not all the same. What sets one option apart from the competition is how it affects your teeth and gum health.

Find out how GLO Science revolutionized teeth whitening with its state-of-the-art heat technology. It delivers the best-in-class whitening results and protects your oral health.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Before we dive into GLO’s innovative technology, let’s explore how teeth whitening takes place. Basically, yellow stains on teeth are caused by the accumulation of pigmented molecules.

Teeth whitening products commonly use hydrogen peroxide to break down these stains into smaller, less visible particles. This makes the teeth look brighter and whiter.

Two main factors affect how well teeth whitening works:

  • The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel and
  • How long it stay on your teeth.

However, using a lot of hydrogen peroxide for a long time can dry out teeth, making them sensitive and more likely to stain quickly. Moreover, pooling of the gums with the whitening gel irritates the tissues.

To shorten the treatment time, it is recommended to use light to generate heat and boost the breakdown of the whitening gel. However, solving this equation is tricky. Insufficient heat won't work, but too much heat can harm your teeth and cause pain and sensitivity.

GLO Science Patented Illuminating Heat and Light Technology

With this in mind, GLO Science worked the math to reach the sweet spot of light and heat usage. It combines whitening boosters and eliminates sensitivity and discomfort issues. The illuminating mouthpiece generates gentle warmth to prevent dehydration and sensitivity caused by excessive heat in other whitening lights.

To get the most favorable results without causing damage to the teeth. GLO's at home teeth whitening devices use just the optimal amount of light, heat, and hydrogen peroxide. Our patented mouthpiece emits a gentle blue LED light that produces controlled heat. The light activates the whitening gel, while the heat makes it easier for the gel to sink into the teeth surfaces and break down stubborn stains.

With a built-in timer that ensures each session is the perfect length, you can relax and let GLO do the work. The controlled heat and safe hydrogen peroxide concentration work together to whiten your teeth without sensitivity or stain rebound.

In a world of teeth whitening options, GLO Science stands out as the clear leader. Our innovative technology uses light, heat, and hydrogen peroxide to give gentle, proven results for brighter teeth and healthy gums.

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The Power of GLO's Controlled Illuminating Heat Technology