Ultimate Guide to Using GLO Vials for a Full Whitening Treatment


Ultimate Guide to Using GLO Vials for a Full Whitening Treatment

Investing in a teeth whitening device is like taking the first exciting step on your journey to a brighter smile. But to keep that glow going strong, you'll want to have your trusty teeth whitening gel close at hand. After all, who doesn't want a radiant smile that’s forever glowing? 

In this post, we'll break down everything you need to know about using GLO Vials for a complete teeth whitening treatment. You’ll learn how to make every precious drop of your teeth whitening serum count, getting the most out of those little vials for a brilliant smile without breaking the bank.

The Sweet Spot of GLO Vials for Efficient Teeth Whitening

Before we dive into the specifics, our Vegan teeth whitening serum holds unique proportions of our special teeth whitening serum that delivers professional-grade whitening when used with any of GLO Whitening Devices. Each vial is a potent source of the exact amount of whitening gel you need. Knowing how to use them efficiently can save you both time and money.

The Power of One Vial

Each GLO Vial can transform your smile multiple times. It contains enough teeth whitening serum for a whopping eight applications that cover the fronts of your upper and lower teeth.

And for optimal whitening results, we recommend doing four consecutive applications a day over four days. So, when you properly use your GLO Vial, you’ll only run half the vial (4 applications) a day. In other words, one vial will cover the applications needed for two days.

The Full Whitening Treatment Plan

Let's break it down into simple math – To complete your full teeth whitening treatment at home, you'll only need two vials. That's one vial for every two days of your four-day whitening journey. It's as simple as that!

For fear that you might not stick to the schedule, GLO Vials has an air-tight seal that will keep your precious whitening gel fresh for up to 7 days. Moreover, our patented design guarantees you'll squeeze every last drop of your teeth whitening gel. Check out how.

To wrap it up, the simple math reveals that you only need two vials and four days for a full whitening treatment—no more, no less. Pick up your favorite smile boosters.

Ultimate Guide to Using GLO Vials for a Full Whitening Treatment