Unique Mother’s Day Gifts: The Round Up


Unique Mother’s Day Gifts: The Round Up

Wanting to tell your mother how much you love and appreciate her is natural, and getting a gift on Mother's Day is one of the best ways to express your feelings. There are a wide range of options to choose from, and no matter what you decide, your mom will tell you how much she loves it.

If you're looking for a way to really express yourself and show your mother that she is unique, then unconventional Mother's Day gifts are the way to go. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but the items on the list we've put together will last for longer than a few days - and they let your mother know how astounding she truly is.

Birth Month Flowers

If you really want to get your mother flowers for her special day, but you want to make the gift unique, then consider getting her flowers that she can grow at home. Each month has a flower associated with it, so find out which flower has been designated for the month she was born and then buy the necessary accessories.

You'll want to make sure you get the seeds, a pot to plant them in and some soil. If you wanted to make life easier on her, you could always plant the seeds and then give her the instructions to ensure that they grow. She's guaranteed to think of you every time she waters her plants, and her delight is guaranteed to grow when the flowers finally bloom.

Books Delivered Monthly

Does your mom love to read? Then consider gifting her a subscription to a monthly book club. Several books will be delivered right to her door, and she'll get to pick which ones she wants to read. Not only will she be able to indulge in some great stories, but this is a great way to help your mom relax and unwind.


At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

If your mother has been talking about wanting whiter teeth but hasn't made the effort to get a teeth whitening kit, Mother's Day is the perfect time to get one for her. She'll be so surprised and delighted that you listened to her and then took the time to get something she really wanted.

For mothers that are looking for the best teeth whitening kit for the fastest results, we recommend our GLO Brilliant White Smile Teeth Whitening Kit. With our patented Illuminating Heat Technology™ she will see results in 5 days or less, and up to 12 shades of improvement! With only 3 short 8 minute sessions a day, Mom can fit this into her busy schedule easily. Plus this revolutionary device causes zero sensitivity issues, has an extremely long battery life, and with it's included lanyard she can whiten anytime – anywhere! 

Personalized Photo Calendar


We all know moms lead a very busy life and balance many different schedules. If your mom lives by her calendar, consider gifting her a personalized photo calendar. It's a great way to share memories as mom plans out her new year. Seeing the fun, beautiful memories of her family each month is sure to bring her a smile even on her busiest of days!




Gifts that Keep on Giving

Your mom dedicated a lot of time and effort into raising you into the amazing person you are. You can let her know how much you appreciate her by getting the perfect gift for Mother's Day - and unconventional Mother's Day gifts are sure to surprise and delight.

At GLO Science, our whitening kits will keep your mom looking dazzling for years to come, whether they are used at home or done by a professional. Find the perfect gift for your mother today!

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts: The Round Up