General GLO Whitening Questions

  • How white can I get my smile and how long will it take?
  • What if my teeth have been sensitive to other whitening products?
  • How long will my whitening last?
  • can my teeth get too white and unnatural looking?
  • What if I want even faster results?
  • Can I use GLO during orthodontic treatment?
  • Is GLO safe for crowns, bridges, veneers and other dental work?
  • Is GLO registered with the FDA?
  • Do I need to brush my teeth before whitening?
  • How long should I wait before eating and drinking after whitening?

GLO Vial Whitening Gel

  • What strength is GLO Vial Whitening Gel?
  • Is GLO Vial Whitening Gel vegan and gluten free?
  • Can I swallow with the GLO whitening gel on my teeth?
  • How long should I wait between applications?
  • How does the gel work without a strip to keep it in place?
  • Do I need to refrigerate GLO Vials?
  • What is the difference between the GLO Brilliant Vials and the GLO Lit Vials?

GLO Teeth Whitening Devices

  • What is the difference between the GLO Lit Device and the GLO Brilliant Device?
  • Can I whiten while charging the control or power pack?
  • Will the light from the mouthpiece affect my skin or my eyes?
  • How hard should I bite down when the mouthpiece is in my mouth?
  • How many times a day am I supposed to use the GLO Device?
  • Can I use GLO Lit without the GLO Whitening App?
  • How do I charge my GLO Device?
  • Why can't I plug the GLO mouthpiece directly into my phone?

The GLO Whitening App

  • How do I get the GLO Whitening App?
  • What will the GLO Whitening App let me do?