• How To GLO

    A Quick Start Guide

  • 1. Get Set Up

    Start with a fully charged GLO control.
    Place lanyard and Control over your neck.
    Firmly attach mouthpiece in place in the side of the control until you hear a click.
    Apply a thin layer of GLO Lip Care to the top and bottom lips (inside and out).
    If you are extra sensitive, you can apply lip care to gum area.

  • 2. Open G-Vial

    Open G-Vial by holding the base, lightly twisting and pulling cap up to remove.

  • 3. Apply Whitening Gel

    Squeeze gel onto brush tip and apply a thin layer directly to top and bottom teeth, fronts only.

    GLO Tip: One G-Vial is enough for all four 8 minute back-to-back applications.

  • 4. Press GLO

    Press the GLO button on the control (the lights light up a brilliant blue.)
    Place mouth-piece in your mouth with “top” facing up.
    Relax your jaw, there is no need to bite down hard.

    GLO Tip: It is OK to swallow saliva that builds up during your 8 minute sessions.

  • 5. Eight minutes to...

    You have eight minutes to do whatever you like!
    Check your email, do the dishes...
    Your control is automatically timed, after eight minutes it blinks and turns off.
    Spit out excess saliva, rinse mouthpiece in warm water. No need to rinse your mouth.

  • 6. Repeat

    Repeat steps 1-5 for a total of four consecutive 8-minute applications using the same G-Vial—it’s just 32 mins a day!

    When you have completed all 4 applications:
    Rinse mouthpiece and place in it’s case. Store extra G-Vials in a cool place.

    Use for 5 consecutive days for best results and up to 10 days maximum if needed.


Dr. Jonathan B. Levine’s tips for an
everyday white & healthy smile:

The GLO prescription:

  • Whiten with your GLO Brilliant device 2X per year plus once monthly applications to keep your smile white.
  • Maintain daily with Everyday GLO
  • Brush with GLO Whitening Antioxidant Toothpaste twice each day

“Get your GLO on!”
Dr. Jonathan B. Levine

Friendly foods for good, kissable breath:

Apples: Apples act as a natural toothbrush increasing saliva production while cleansing the mouth and they taste good.

Vitamin C: Oranges, Lemons, Berries and other vitamin C rich foods limit the amount of bad breath causing bacteria that can grow in your mouth.

Herbs/Spices: Eliminate odor by cooking with parsley, cinnamon, coriander and cardamom.

Dairy: Calcium rich yogurt, cheese and milk fight bad breath by reducing levels of odor causing bacteria.

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