Best Holiday Smile Gifts


Best Holiday Smile Gifts

The holidays are a time to make loved ones smile. Whether it's a surprise visit from faraway friends or an unexpected gift under the tree, this time of year seems to generate grins as quickly as elves craft toys.

While the last thing on your mind during the holidays might be your teeth, gift ideas for everyone on your list will get a boost from GLO Science.

Teeth whitening gift sets are the one-size-fits-all present that keeps giving all year. They're always the right style and they're good for everyone's health, though they feel like a real indulgence.

It's important to know how to choose teeth whitening products that don't cause sensitivity before you get out the wrapping paper. Not only do our GLO Vials make great stocking stuffers, but they're filled with a specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel that stays fresh after opening and stays put on teeth without dripping onto gums where sensitivity problems occur. Paired with the professional elements of LED blue light and gentle warming heat in our GLO Lit and GLO Brilliant devices, that minty fresh gel gets teeth snowy white quickly.

Nothing beats the truly miraculous gift of a smile as bright as the star on the tree. Make everyone on your list grin with the gorgeous glow of oral health this year! Here are more reasons to put holiday smile gifts on your must-have list.

The Gift of Good Health

A healthy mouth means a healthy body. Poor oral health has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis, among other health conditions. Stepping up your oral hygiene routine goes a long way toward improving your overall health. A teeth whitening gift set could be the perfect way to start a loved one on the road to paying closer attention to good habits like brushing and flossing regularly, choosing nutritious foods and working up a sweat every day. Just make sure you check for safe home teeth whitening ingredients, like hydrogen peroxide - which can help reduce overall germs in the mouth - and choose a teeth whitening device invented by a practicing dentist.

The Gift of High-Tech Convenience

GLO Science makes getting teeth whitening best results at home as easy as installing an app on your phone. Both the original GLO Brilliant and the next-generation GLO Lit combine sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide with LED blue light and gentle warming heat in a hands-free system that whitens teeth in as little as one week of regular treatments. GLO Lit takes it up a notch with Bluetooth connectivity that gives you access to an enhanced experience with features like results previews, scheduling reminders, tutorials, progress tracking and more.

The Gift of Confidence

When you feel good about the way you look, everyone around you knows it. Having a sparkling white smile fuels the confidence to show the world your very best you. Likewise, if you're self-conscious about stained teeth or other dental issues, you may not smile so often, which people read as self-doubt, unfriendliness or social reserve. If you want to boost a friend or loved one's confidence by helping them achieve whiter teeth, gift ideas need to include the best teeth whitening product available. GLO Brilliant has everything a college student, colleague or friend needs to glow up their smile - and find the confidence to shine.

The Gift of Sparking Joy

When humans smile, our brains release endorphins, which are chemicals that make us feel more happiness. That means smiling sparks joy inside us! Cracking a smile also spreads joy to others because we will almost always smile back when greeted with a grin. Wrapping up a teeth whitening gift will make you smile for the exponential joy you know it will create. And that gift gives back in so many ways, by not only making the recipient happy but by helping them achieve better oral health and a more joyful attitude.


The Gift of Helping Others

GLO Science was founded by practicing dentist Jonathan B. Levine and his wife, Stacey Levine, both philanthropists at heart. Helping their patients achieve brilliant, healthy smiles was important to them, but they wanted to do more, so they founded the GLO Good Foundation. Every time you treat yourself or a loved one to the joy of a healthier smile with the purchase of a teeth whitening gift set, 10% of the profits goes toward providing free dental care to people in need. With GLO Good missions recently completed in the U.S., Rwanda and the Bahamas, hundreds more people can now laugh, sing, chew and smile without pain or shame. Now that's a gift that benefits us all!

The Gift of Self-Care

Several of us spend most of our days taking care of others. It can be difficult to find the time to really care for yourself, to do something that lifts your spirits and renews your positive outlook in a difficult, demanding world. How does teeth whitening at home work as self-care? GLO Lit and GLO Brilliant devices give you the opportunity to take a few minutes out of your hectic day just for you. It may only be eight minutes, but that can be enough to recharge your inner battery while also supporting other positive goals, like achieving better overall health. You may just develop the habit of putting yourself first once in a while.

Best Holiday Smile Gifts