DIY: Sparkling White Teeth For Your Wedding Day


DIY: Sparkling White Teeth For Your Wedding Day

From the seating arrangements to the band, to the cake, weddings take a lot of coordination to make it the perfect day that you’ve dreamed of. But one thing that is frequently overlooked in achieving the perfect wedding day is actually one of the easiest things to do, and that is: whitening your teeth! Your smile will likely be on full display for posed wedding photos earlier in the day, throughout the ceremony, and well into your honeymoon – so why settle for anything less than a bright and beautiful smile?  Some tips on this simple and effective solution to having not just a great smile, but the best smile for your wedding day can be found below.


1. Plan Ahead and Start Early!

Thinking about your smile on your wedding day may get short shrift given the myriad of things to do to prepare for the perfect wedding day. However, if you’re wondering why should you get your teeth whitened for your wedding day it’s because that is the day that your smile will be on full display not just the day of, but forever.  You’ll want to look back at your photos with your family and friends, share the video with generations to come, and in addition to the oohing and aahing over what the bride and groom wore and the toasts that were given, you’ll want to remember how happy you were that day, with a stellar smile to prove it!

Getting a head start on a teeth whitening regime for your wedding day will help alleviate any of the last minute stress that may arise on the day of, give you less to worry over and more to smile about!


2. Get Your Partner on Board

Studies have shown that having a partner in anything – studying, exercise, even whitening your teeth – ensures accountability and follow through. So why not include your partner-to-be in the best teeth whitening method for the wedding. That will give you both more time to bond, share a common goal, and keep each other on track leading up to your “I do’s.”


3. Establish a Broader Routine

Once the wedding date has been scheduled and the “save the dates” have been sent, a lot of couples-to-be, not to mention future in-laws, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, (the list goes on…) tend to set goals for themselves regarding their overall health leading up to the Big Day. Some may choose to exercise more, eat healthier or drink less, and having the wedding day “deadline” in mind helps to establish new routines for self-care.

That kind of target date can also assist in figuring out when you should get your teeth whitened for the wedding. Establishing a broader routine that includes teeth whitening is an easy multi-tasking endeavor. Whether it’s whitening your teeth while getting in your 10,000 steps, or while writing in your gratitude journal, find the thing that works for you and stick with it! 

It's also good to keep in mind that when it comes to teeth whitening, certain foods like strawberries and apples can help whiten your teeth naturally, while other foods like tomato juice and sugar loaded sweets are best to avoid. If you’re in the midst of maintaining your teeth whitening routine, foods like salmon, yogurt and green tea are more than just good for you, they’re good for your teeth, too!


4. Choose a Portable Whitening Product 

Even with planning ahead and establishing a routine, last minute trips and unexpected changes can still come up. That’s why it’s good to choose the best teeth whitening kit for your wedding that will accommodate your lifestyle. With your wedding day on the horizon, you won’t want the stress of gimmicky lights, uncomfortable trays, runny gels, and messy strips to brighten your smile, you’ll want something easy, convenient and with proven results.

GLO offers several options when it comes to teeth whitening, all of which can be used at home or on the go. The GLO Whitening App lets you optimize your whitening treatment for a seamless, connected experience. Just download, connect, and tap – it’s that easy. Keep in mind that everyone's smile is unique, and there are many factors involved that affect teeth whitening, including age, genetics and lifestyle. For that reason, some people's teeth will whiten faster; some will take more time. Which is why brightening your teeth for the perfect smile on your wedding day is definitely something to add to your wedding to-do list!


5. Practice Your Smile

You know what they say, practice makes perfect, and believe it or not, that includes your smile! Having a smile you feel good about makes all the difference in the world. A great smile builds confidence and socially speaking, that kind of self-assurance draws people in, which is exactly what you want to exude on your wedding day! To ensure you get that dazzling smile you’ve been working towards, read some of our tips on improving your smile here.  Remember, teeth whitening is a vital part of improving one’s appearance. Coupling this with smile practice will ensure that you’re able to fully show off your pearly whites on your wedding day and beyond.


Here Comes The Smile!

Now that you’ve made the plan for whiter teeth for your wedding, included your partner, and established a consistent and do-able teeth whitening routine, you’re well on your way to the best and brightest smile for the Big Day!

DIY: Sparkling White Teeth For Your Wedding Day