GLO Whitening Pen (About)


GLO Whitening Pen (About)

Dentists know all about teeth whitening, which is why there's already positive buzz about the new GLO Whitening Pen. Developed by Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, the practicing dentist behind GLO Science, it's the latest innovation offered by a leader in do-it-yourself at-home teeth whitening systems.

Keep reading to learn all about this exciting new addition to the GLO Science family of safe and effective oral products.

Whiten Teeth Anywhere Anytime

Before teeth whitening pens and GLO whitening devices came along, there wasn't an easy, mess-free way to get your teeth whiter at home or anywhere else. It used to be that you had to either go to the dentist or take a chance on one of those do-it-yourself whitening systems with trays and messy gels. Fortunately, those days are forever over thanks to innovators like Dr. Levine. Convenience is only one reason to get excited about the GLO To Go teeth whitening pen as the newest convenient whitening product we offer. You see, the GLO Science team never settles for adequate - they were determined to create the best teeth whitening pen on the market.

Achieving this lofty goal took a lot of time, patience and research to get everything right. Now you can reap the full rewards from using a sleek, modern, on-the-go teeth whitening pen. You can use GLO's instant teeth whitening pen in any room inside your home. You can use it during breaktime at work or while traveling. The compact pen easily fits into a pocket, purse, handbag, backpack, overnight bag and various storage containers.

Powerful Whitening Gel

In addition to its sleek design, the GLO To Go Teeth Whitening Pen contains a superb whitening gel formula. Each pen is filled with a precise amount of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel that goes to work the very instant it is applied to your teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is already a powerful whitening agent for teeth because it has antimicrobial properties. Now consider how potent this formula gets with the addition of natural antimicrobial botanicals such as cinnamon, menthol, eucalyptus, thyme and wintergreen.

All of these ingredients are healthy for your mouth. The gel also contains glycerin to help keep your teeth hydrated during the whitening process. Xylitol and sodium saccharin contribute sweetness to ensure your experience with using the gel is a pleasant one.

Best Choice for Sensitive Teeth

Anyone living with sensitive teeth knows how challenging it can be to find a quality, teeth whitening pen for sensitive teeth. If this is your challenge, please be assured that GLO Science has thought of you during the creation of its convenient teeth whitening pen.

The sensitivity-free gel you just learned about makes this pen a real game-changer for your at-home teeth whitening routine. GLO whitening gel has been proven to be safe and effective for those experiencing sensitivity issues. The choice to use 100% pure hydrogen peroxide, plant-based antimicrobials and ultra-hygienic silicone for the brush tip are all things that help make both this gel and the pen gentle as they deliver results.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Like all of the GLO Science products, the GLO To Go Teeth Whitening Pen is completely cruelty-free and a great choice for anyone living a vegan lifestyle. It's the best teeth whitening pen made by a company that cares and gives back.

How Do You Use It?

Using the GLO To Go Teeth Whitening Pen is quick and easy. This pen uses a clicking mechanism to advance the teeth whitening brush-on gel. After removing the cap, simply click the button located at the bottom of the pen. When using it the first time, it may take several clicks to get the cinnamon-mint flavored gel moving, and when it does, you're ready to go!

Smile like you would do for a great-looking snapshot, and brush a thin layer of GLO gel on your teeth. Continue smiling for 30 to 45 seconds, then close your lips. That's it!

Make sure you follow the instructions, and avoid eating and drinking anything for 20 to 30 minutes. This is the amount of time the gel takes to effectively whiten your teeth. For maximum whitening results, you can follow the instructions of applying the gel two times a day for up to two weeks.

You can also use your GLO To Go pen for instant teeth whitening touchups whenever you desire a brighter smile.

Avoid Staining Substances

During your use of the GLO To Go Teeth Whitening Pen, it's best if you can avoid any food and beverages that typically cause teeth staining. But if you just can't stay away from that coffee, tea or red wine - just brush on some whitening gel immediately after consuming to immediately remove stains before they set. Cigarettes are another staining substance that interfere with teeth whitening. Quitting is a task in and of itself, but the rewards of brighter teeth and better health are well worth the effort.

Get Speedier GLO Device Results

If you are using any of the state - of- the- art GLO Teeth Whitening Devices, getting a GLO To Go Teeth Whitening Pen can put your results on hyper-speed!


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GLO Whitening Pen (About)