How Much Teeth Whitening Gel To Use?


How Much Teeth Whitening Gel To Use?

This is one of the most common questions we get from GLO users wondering whether they are applying too much, or too little, whitening gel. The answer is that a little goes a long way and you really only need to apply a thin layer of GLO whitening gel to your teeth for effective whitening. The key is to make sure the gel is covering all the surfaces you want to whiten, including the spaces between your teeth where stain likes to hide.

A good rule of thumb is to squeeze up roughly 1/2 pea size amount for your top teeth and 1/2 pea size amount for your bottom teeth. Apply the gel in small circles to get into all the hard-to-reach areas or use an up-and-down or side-to-side motion - whatever works best for you! Just make sure to cover all the tooth surfaces you want to whiten and brighten.


Watch this short video for an easy to understand visual of just how much gel is enough gel for GLOing results.

When applying the gel, cover the fronts of your top and bottom teeth with a thin layer of whitening gel to get them GLOing white. It will start working as soon as it makes contact with your tooth surface. The gel will foam slightly, penetrate and evaporate.

Wait 5 minutes before reapplying if you are using GLO Vials on their own, without the GLO Device. If using with the GLO Device, simply reapply right after your 8 minute session is complete. For best results, complete 3-4 applications in a row each day and use as needed for touch-ups and instant stain removal.

Make sure to keep extra GLO Vials on hand so you are always ready to GLO!


How Much Teeth Whitening Gel To Use?