Virtual Valentines Day Date Ideas


Virtual Valentines Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Virtual Dates and At-Home Couples' Activities

If there is anything we have learned over the past year, it is that being flexible about socializing and dating is an absolute must. In many cases, face-to-face dating and traditional dates have been given the boot - replaced by more creative, long-distance dating and virtual activities. Some people take this as a challenge and an opportunity to be creative.

Dating During Quarantine: Valentine's Day Style

Although dating during a quarantine can be tricky, it is very possible and even loving. This Valentine's Day, it's time to think outside the box for fun and safe activities - either with your partner or with some of your closest friends. Whether you're looking for long-distance date ideas or a remote activity to do with others that will help ease isolation during this February holiday, we've created a few virtual date ideas for couples and friends that you can incorporate to create some fun of your own.

Dip it in Cheese, Chocolate - or Both

Whether done with your partner or virtually with friends on video conferencing, throwing some melted cheese or chocolate into the mix can be a whole lot of fun. Fondue recipes are often quite easy and readily available online. And the foods dipped are even easier: some of the most popular fondue dipping foods are cubed breads, large marshmallows, strawberries and other fruits, cut-up poundcake (which you can buy pre-made at any bakery or grocery store) and vegetables. It just takes a little preparation - super-simple cutting, washing and sorting - and you're ready for a unique food experience that can be a ton of fun either in person or as a shared experience via video conferencing. (Just remember to brush your teeth after those sugary sweets!)

Comic Relief? Yes, Please!

Put a spin on queueing up your favorite traditional Valentine's Day movie by finding either a never-seen or a tried-and-true favorite comedy special to watch. Can we all agree that the past year has been a little heavy? Lighten it up with some laughs from your favorite comedian - or try out some new humor. Better yet, make it a comedy marathon. Add some new comedy to your old favorites. There are literally dozens of choices on online streaming services, and digital watch parties are available to see it together wherever you are. Sit down with some popcorn and a glass of wine to enjoy on a self-love day or do a simultaneous watch party with friends online.

Make it a Game Night

But not any ordinary game night! Whip up some fun and easy appetizers, pop some popcorn and put on some matching pajamas (or your comfiest lounge pants). Bring out your favorite board games, card games or interactive games like HedBanz, Heads Up! or charades. Do a quick internet search to find games you can create with just some paper and a pencil or incorporate the old favorite, Two Truths and a Lie. For small gatherings with other couples, consider playing an old favorite like Corn Hole. The sky is the limit with game night!

Have a Mini Bonfire with Your Partner

Yes, it is chilly in many places around the country. However, it can be a warm and cozy when you have your own personal bonfire. Whether you use a firepit in your backyard (with some warm blankets, of course!) or use an indoor fireplace, you can create a romantic and fun ambiance even on a video call. Open a bottle of wine or champagne, gather ingredients for s'mores and spend a warm, romantic and cozy evening in front of a fire. Remember to check if your area needs an outdoor fire permit before your date night!

Getting to Know You…

Whether meeting virtually or in person, there are plenty of resources, books and ideas for unique "getting to know you" activities that are just as fun on double dates as they are with your partner. Games like Icebreaker and deep-talk card games provide the questions. All you need to do is answer honestly. Whether it is talking about your bucket list or sharing surprising facts about yourself to get some interesting conversations going, there is a wealth of questions available to dig deep and learn something new about your partner, your family or your friends!

Pamper Yourself at Home

How about an at-home or virtual couples spa treatment? Treat yourself with a DIY spa day or do some online shopping to find some super-awesome at-home spa kits that are just as amazing as heading to your favorite spa. Gather some masks, draw a warm bath with some bath salts or bath bubbles, light some candles and pour some wine. While you're celebrating Valentine's Day, how about a couples' at-home teeth whitening session? GLO devices, such as GLO Lit with Bluetooth connectivity or GLO Brilliant with a longer battery life, are a great way to lighten your teeth up to five or more shades. Plus, they're also a fantastic addition to your at-home spa treatments. Our GLO devices use safe and effective ingredients as well as combine the professional elements of heat and blue LED light to provide you with accelerated, visible whitening results. GLO whitening devices and products were invented by a New York City's top practicing aesthetic celebrity dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, and are a clinically proven way to get the best whitening results at home.

Until face-to-face gatherings, restaurant outings and movies are in full swing again, we'll continue to have to think up new, fun activities for dating during quarantine. Virtual dating ideas and long-distance date ideas can be just as romantic and fun as their in-person counterparts. And sometimes, beating that Valentine's Day rush can be refreshing! Make the most of your at-home Valentine's Day activities, use one of our ideas or think about something completely new and off the wall.



Virtual Valentines Day Date Ideas